What does Omniscriptum Publisher Offer to its Authors in India?

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All publishing houses work to make the publishing process easy and enjoyable for their authors. However, it still can be a time-consuming and demanding task to launch a book successfully. In this article, we would like to discuss some obstacles that should be taken into consideration when searching for a publisher. We will give you an expert’s perspective on the print-on-demand publishing in India, and discuss Omniscriptum less-known advantages for our authors in India.

What obstacles should you be aware of?

In India, there are a few traditional publishers who accept unsolicited submissions (i.e., book proposals submitted without a literary agent). It doesn’t make publishing easier for first-time authors who are yet to make their way into the publishing world. At times it can be hard to earn a publishers’ attention. For most authors who submit their manuscripts, it means to be patient and wait for the reply, that might never come.

In India, there are 22 official languages. According to the Registrar General and Census Commissioner in India, the total number of languages arrives at 121 (which are spoken by 10,000 or more people in India). Besides that, there are several thousand smaller languages and dialects across the whole country. Some of the national, but not official local languages and dialects in India are underrepresented in a written context.

Scattered distribution has been an issue in India for some time. Distribution is fundamentally essential for both parties – the readers and the authors. Readers wish for diversity in reading material, quality, and variety of genres, while authors dream of making their books recognized. Some local publishers and branches of foreign publishing houses still lack a stable distribution network throughout the country.

When publishing by the traditional publishing houses seems unlikely, self-publishing is also an option. Many successful self-published authors share their experiences online, discuss the pros and cons of their ways to the published book. One of the most significant advantages of the self-publishing model is the control over the process; you are the decision-maker and can receive higher royalties. On the other hand, you are responsible for everything – starting from the book cover design to distribution and marketing matters. All of the mentioned above takes either experience or outsourced services that add to personnel costs of publishing.

What does Omniscriptum offer to its authors?

All the authors who have published with Omniscriptum know publishing itself is free of charges. Which includes editorial assistance throughout the whole publication process, distribution, and marketing.

Most of our authors also know we print our books on demand and can print an unlimited amount of copies. As a global company, we understand the importance of distribution channels. We work with experts on the regional level to provide customer-tailored experience fast and cost-effective for every author. Your book published by an international company will be available both globally and locally. According to one of our print partner in India Repro and its representative Abhishek Mishra:

“The last decade has seen more change in India than perhaps the entire previous century. The digital revolution has primarily driven this. Digital platforms like Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the way people shop, consume and live. Repro is bringing about this same positive disruption in the area of publishing.

Age-old distribution models in publishing are giving way to the e-retail model. By offering a path-breaking print-on-demand solution wherein producing a book after the customer has bought it, Repro eliminates the logistic challenges publishers face while getting more books to more readers… anytime… anywhere! The benefit of production and fulfillment through print-on-demand ensures the lowest production costs, zero up-front investment, zero inventory inefficiencies, and zero lost sales for content owners.”

We believe in the value of all languages. Sadly often less represented languages remain in the shadow. Yet the cultural heritage of them is tremendous. Omniscriptum has designed an academic imprint GlobeEdit. It provides high-quality academic publishing for academic work in a multitude of languages, yet offering the same benefits as any intercontinental company in marketing, production, and distribution.

You believe your manuscript is worth to be shared with the world, but have some questions you would like to clarify first. You can get in touch with us here or on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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