Important information
on the war in Ukraine

Dear OmniScriptum authors, partners, friends and family,

as everyone else in the world, with heavy heart we are observing what is happening in Ukraine. The aggression from Russian authoritatian regime, headed by Vladimir Putin towards Ukrainians and their country is heartbreaking. We never really believed such scenes will be experienced in Europe in the 21st century, yet here we are.

For more than a decade now OmniScriptum has been publishing titles by our Russian authors. Scientific discourse papers that look at the complex world we live in. Yet the world has changed. And we must show our stance and be on the right side of the history.

As of now, we stop publishing any manuscript submitted to us by authors from Russian Federation. We stop selling our titles in Russian Federation. We know this hurts the academic community, as we have been the free, no-censorship publisher in Russian language. It hurts us too, as we embrace the more than 23 thousand Russian authors already published with us. But we all must act. The Russian scientific and academic community knows this as well. This has to stop. And we believe it will. It is in the power of the people to end this madness. We love the Russian nation and will welcome all Russian authors once the war is over.

Stop the war in Ukraine.

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