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A Novel Covid Vaccine Carries Hope for a Universal Vaccine

In Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), oocyte retrieval is a vital step. It was initially performed through laparoscopy, which was complex and difficult and of low efficiency. Ultrasound-guided transvaginal oocyte retrieval was safer and more effective; it is presently the standard operation for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Theoretically, oocyte retention is achievable after the initial aspirate due to abnormal development of the follicle or oocyte and human technical factors, and such retention could be overcome by recurrent follicular flushing. Follicular flushing is considered to maximize the number of oocytes retrieved and thereafter to improve the rate of IVF pregnancy. There are a number of factors that can affect egg collection and/or egg damage. These involve variables like pump vacuum flow, velocity, needle bore size and length, follicle pressure and size and collection techniques. Cook Medical Technology, Brisbane, has developed appropriate equipment to study the factors influencing the success of egg collection and the cause of egg trauma.Keywords: Vacuum Profiles in Aspiration System; Damage to the Cumulus; Clinical Aspects of Oocyte Retrieval.


Sherif Salah

My name is Sharif Salah I am 57 years old, an Egyptian scientist who graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and received several specialized diplomas in Human medical analysis and obtained master’s degree and doctorate in Bacteriology & immunology. I have 3 boys, 2 of whom are dentists and the other one is a pharmacist. I Received several patents in discovering advanced treatments for HCV and HIV, liver cancer, multiple sclerosis, new ways to treat kidney failure as well as a novel vaccine for coronavirus. Also, I Received many awards at international patent festivals in Switzerland and Europe, attended numerous scientific conferences in the US and UK, I am currently worked as Chief Bio-Innovation specialist (Biomedicine) in KMWSH company: Antalya, Turkey, TR. I have many books published in many languages, most of them talking about how HIV is spreading and what modern interpretations it uses within our immune cells and what therapeutic methods are. A book has also been published talking about the use of polymerase enzyme in treating multiple sclerosis and its relationship to coagulation and fibrinolysis. It also published a book that discusses the role of marital relations in the discovery of cancers of men and women and how each of them wishes a key role in triggering the emergence of the cancer. Finally, the latest book presents a new vaccine with a modern style that may be more different than the traditional vaccine and how it can be used to deal with all pathogenic viruses. I published many articles and books in HIV, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Coronavirus including Vaccines & drugs for Corvid 19. My current project is ‘Cancer therapy and early diagnosis‘. I believe that raising vital queries and discussions is one of my main goals in developing my knowledge and even creating a world where we extend together, so I hope that the new book will have a desire for a multifaceted dialogue. I look forward to your comments to

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