The Situation of Youth and Population Dynamics in Zambia

(Coinciding With The 1994 International Conference On Population And Development)

About the book:

This study analyses the relationship between the situation of youth and population dynamics in a middle lower-income developing country in Southern Africa known as the Republic of Zambia. It particularly focuses on how the access of youth to the labour market is influenced by population growth rates. The study contends that, it is important to understand this relationship in order to be able to logically formulate development interventions that will benefit the youth and the entire population as a whole.

About the Author:

Lukwesa Kaemba

My experience in the Macro-Economics involving population and development is grounded in several long term and short term training programmes I have gone through, as well as several working environment I have undertaken. I started my academic journey at the University of Zambia in 1976 in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at 19 years of age, where I spent only two years and before I could complete I got a scholarship to study National Economic Planning for five years (6 plus one for language) in the Ukraine of the Union Socialist Soviet Republics, and graduated with a MSc degree in Economics obtained from the Donetsk National University.

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Five years later, I entered the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, to study Development Studies for 15 months with specialization in Labour and Development, and graduated with an MA degree. In 1994 I managed to get an examined Certificate in population and development at the United Nations Institute for Economic Development and Planning in Senegal. Seven years ago, I obtained a Diploma in Project Management from the Commonwealth Open University. Major short-term training in Economics and Population and Development averaging two weeks I undertook at the following places, in chronological order starting with the earliest: International Labour Organisation (Geneva, 1986); Bureau Of Labor Statistics (Washington D.C., 1987); Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (Arusha, 1989); Bureau of Labor Statistics (Washington, 1990); Canada International Development Agency (Siavonga, 1992); Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, 1996); Ethiopia (Addis Ababa,1999); South Korea (Seoul, 2008); and GIZ (Kabwe, 2011).
The major works I have been involved in the area of Economics and Population and Development are as follows: For 26 years, I worked as a civil servant responsible for interpreting policy action and putting it into coordinated action whereby I made career move from junior professional levels to very high levels; I engaged in advocacy action both locally and abroad; and I engaged in research work towards improving Economic measures taking on board Population and Development influences, issues which I continue analyzing to date.

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