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Trump, Putin and Jinping: Triarchy for the Global Decline of Democracy


The key academic questions underpinning the current academic debate on the Trump ‘America First’ foreign policy vis-à-vis the global crisis of democracy and democratization are: How do we conceptualize the Trump ‘America First’ foreign policy? What are the actual executive orders and presidential actions of the Trump administration that threatened the two major pillars of liberal international order, namely, globalism and multilateralism? How do these executive orders and presidential actions shift from U.S traditional foreign policy of democracy promotion to the authoritarian objectives and strategies of autocrats like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping? How can state and non-state actors of democracy promotion sustain democratic gains around the world if a certain US administration does not prioritize democracy promotion? This book provides answers to these questions, by arguing that: 1) the Trump foreign policy centered on an isolationist grand strategy to U.S role in global politics; 2) the Trump administration is a hug loss for democracy; 3) a decline of democracy in the U.S is likely to lead to global decline if a certain U.S administration does not prioritize democracy promotion.


Jamesleo Oche

Jamesleo Oche is a groundbreaking researcher, author and teacher. His academic interests cut across all strata of International Relations – a field he holds a Master’s degree (Istanbul Kultur University Turkey); Defense and Security – a field he holds a PhD in view from Cranfield University UK (British Defense Academy Campus).

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