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Author of the book “Mapping of Choices”

Published on: 2023-09-28

Publishing House: GlobeEdit

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The Interview

1. First of all, we wish to thank you for taking your time for this interview. What encouraged you to author this revealing publication „Mapping of Choices" ?

Thank you. I was encouraged to share that most of the lifestyle we live in is not as fate as we may sometimes comfort ourselves, what if are just the consequences of your choices.

2. Tell us more about you. Where are you from and why you decided to publish a book?

I am from Rwanda, I live in Kigali. There's always a type of book i wanted to see on a shelf, a small book, which shuffles through different academic disciplines, with a lot of clear metaphors (where even if you don't remember words you are reading, you can at least see the big picture). I couldn't find it so I wrote it.

3. What is the feedback on your publication so far?

The feedbacks are awesome, one that I loved so far is how the reader was reading "chap2: the butterfly effect" she told me that she felt like she was reading her past in more clearer details how many of her past mistakes was due to the carelessness of small choices. Another business friend of mine took chapter one "mapping of choices" as great prediction tool in his business: that "Every choice has its after math events either be a new recruit or a failed reach out call to a client.

$. What authors do you like to read? What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

I like to read Bertrand Russell, Emmanuel Kant, Aristotle, St. Aquinas, St. Augustin, Carl Saga, Richard Feynman (my fav), Isaac Asimov, Epictetus and more others.
Books that influenced me are many but particularly on this book are : Surely you are joking mr. Feynman, Big bang theory TV-series, cosmos by carl sagan, works by Dr. Bruce Lipton and brief answers to big question by Stephan Hawking.

5. It is part of our business concept to actively look for new authors. What was your first reaction when you received our proposal to publish your academic work with us?

I was so happy and relieved to finally get my work published, it was just a dream coming true

6. What was your experience with our team like?

Very helping & patient, very clear in what they communicated to me. Much appreciations to Parascovia Petrachi, my editor.

7. Are you planning another book publication? And if so, on which topic and can you imagine cooperating with us in the future again?

Yes, I have started writing my second book. It will be about "I can do it too: to accept your limitations, and be flexible to learn"

8. Any last thoughts for our readers?

What I can tell the readers is : each one of us has their own sense of individuality towards life, feel free to share your perspectives through writing.

Mapping of Choices

The end is carried from the beginning

Life as we know follows the arrow of time from the present to the unknown future. Due to the lack of knowing what we truly want we tend to consider whatever happening in our life as fate, no matter how wrong. Sometimes may be the fate is occurring. But, there’s a ‘BUT’ to it: sometimes what’s going on are just the consequences of your choices. Choices are like the compass you rely on, not knowing how to read your compass doesn’t rule out the fact that the compass will not show you direction anyway; even if it would be a wrong direction. Since any choice you will make will likely have an outcome, that implies to the possibilities of different versions of you in the near future. What if you can map out the choices you made in your past up to now? What if you were to make deep analysis from any critical time of your life you can recall and found out big WHYs of how one thing led to another? This book will share insights regarding that leverage and clearing for you how the end is always carried from the beginning. Any choice carries its aftermath events, although life has an open end due to our lack of comprehending every aspect of our life in all details.

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