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Job Offer: Freelance Editor (Male/Female)

Become Freelance Editor and work from anywhere in the world!

OmniScriptum publishes more than 30,000 new books every year, this makes us one of the leading academic publishers worldwide.

Our authors are Bachelor, Master students, PhD holders and academics from universities around the world.

If you are a student or stay-at-home person this is a great opportunity to join us in making a difference in academic publishing.

We propose you a flexible and rewarding job as an Editor.

As a freelance editor you are responsible to introduce our services to students, lecturers and professors and encourage them to publish their work.

Authors you would contact do not have to pay a single cent to get their work published. Instead you get paid for introducing new authors to us!


This job is for you if:

1. You are proficient enough to communicate in ANY ONE of the following languages:

* Arabic * English * French * German * Japanese * Portuguese * Spanish * Russian

2. You are a hard working and self-organized person.
3. You communicate clearly. You can explain things simply, to anyone and answer questions.
4. You are willing to learn new things.
5. You are self-motivated and take initiatives.
6. You are not afraid to convince people by email.


Sounds exciting?


Here is what we can offer you:
* Competitive performance-based remuneration matching those of top corporate executives.
* Dedicated 1 to 1 online training from our Trainers.
* Become a Certified Scientific Editor
* Flexible and open working hours
* Future career opportunities as Regional Team Leaders or Trainers.
* Opportunities to travel.


We have offices in more than 5 countries, but if you want to work for us you can do it from your own couch, a trendy coffee shop or anywhere else you would like to on our tiny planet!


Do you want to join our big family of more than 200 employees? Then send your CV to apply(at)

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