The West meets the East

A Study on the Interactions Between the European Missionaries and the St. Thomas Christians, 1500-1800

About the book:

Rarely do we discuss the role of particular historical figures and groups, their cultural contexts, their preoccupations, their attitudes, and methodologies, in making history. But such a study will help us understand the realities behind the historical events without judging the persons and circumstances of the past and move forward by accepting and learning the lessons from the past. Based on the two worlds, two cultures, two mentalities, two methodologies, two spiritualities, and two Churches of West and East, the author is studying “why of the history” of the interactions of Western missionaries from 1500 to 1800 in the history of St. Thomas Christians. This book highlights the unspoken historical realities behind the different phases of initial cordiality, tensions, conflicts, rivalry, revolt, schism, attempts of reunion, and power-politics that happened in the history of St. Thomas Christians.

About the Author:

George Thomas Kuzhippallil


My name is Fr. George Thomas Kuzhippallil, a Catholic Priest from the diocese of Idukki in Kerala, India. After my priestly Ordination in 1996, I worked my diocese in different offices and parishes. I completed my Masters’s Degree in Theology from Jnanadeepa Vidyapith, Pune and a Doctorate in Systematic Theology and a Ph.D in Church History from the Leopold-Franzens University in Innsbruck. I am a guest lecturer of Theology at Pontifical Oriental Institute, Kottayam. Now I am doing my pastoral ministry in the diocese of Innsbruck, Austria. I am a member of COV&R. I wrote a few books in Malayalam and in English languages and articles in different international journals. In my new book, The West meets the East, I have written on the interactions of the European missionaries and St. Thomas Christians from 1500 to 1800 A.D. in the light of dramatic theology.

My books are:

  1. The Body of Christ and the Body of India: A Dramatic Rereading of the Concept of the Body of Christ in Indian Ecclesial Context
  2. The Church Today: Two Ecclesiological Visions
  3. The West Meets the East: A Study on the Interactions Between the European Missionaries and the St. Thomas Christians, 1500-1800.
  4. Olivialyude Marmaram (Malayalam)
  5. Aaranu Christiani (Malayalam)
  6. Nisabdagayakan (Malayalam)

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