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Contemporary Loves: Volume I

Love might be a journey with results: a face-to-face with ourselves, a renewal, or a rebirth.Contemporary Loves are an exercise of vulnerability, humbling ourselves to another person. It’s an expression of simple words of affection, love and attention.It’s the author’s first attempt and also an effort to encourage the rise of the first generation of Moroccan authors, poets, or lyricists writing in the English language, rather than the accustomed use of the French and Arabic languages, making it a language of expression and love.Written parallelly in two different volumes, this first volume of Contemporary Loves, or the original, is composed of two parts, “The Contemporary Loves A Woman’s Wor-l-d … Of Love & Cult … Not For Every Man” and “Amore, More, Ore, Re Stickers” (Love, Morals, Words, Actions Stickers).

Contemporary Loves : Volume II

Contemporary Loves are an expression of Love with its human contradictions in an old modern manner, as pure, as innocent as it is! Something about the subconscious mind expressing itself using all the freedom for the desired effect, as if it were poetry or letters addressed to a Man … but not for … Every Man. The letters or small texts are composed to fulfill the purpose of love. They are words of care, attention and support, sometimes in a “flirting manner” or “whispered words” in a lover’s ear. We have somehow forgotten the power of words as an expression of love and as a type of communication. Maybe we will discover this humbling Love before that Man, as we are more used to seeing men expressing it for centuries … and, not a lot of women!The second volume of Contemporary Loves is divided into three parts: “Contemporary loves, a woman wor-l-d of love and cult not … for every man, uncensored feeling & emotions”; “Love Stickers” that aim to be short and for fun with the use of some words design, and finally telling “Intimate Words For What Happens To The Heart” that combines some experiences of life … and, all for the joy of the Contemporary Lover.



“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes? ”
Nowadays we need more of these 4 letters L-O-V-E, in effective way, understanding & communication! 
But they’re not only 4 letters, Contemporary Loves are letters from a woman to a man showing him love, support, and attention as letters, lyrics, or small texts! Love is not only chemicals .. it goes beyond! It’s an experience of vulnerability it’s a moment of great burning, state of flow, and expression even in a broken language,.. its beauty is not in perfection, its beauty is in the feeling itself, in the act of attention, and all the colors and the hidden letters behind! 
Written in parallel between 2018 & 2019, from emotional writings to releasing two volumes of letters of love and support, written in an old and modern manner as author of the “Contemporary Loves: Volume I & II, Fatima-Zahra EL MARZOUKI is part of the first generation of Moroccans taking the lead to  shift to the English language in her country, holding three master degrees, and now turning to new experiences in her life by releasing Contemporary Loves-Volume I & Contemporary Loves Volume II”

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