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Sufferers of Migration - The Untold Story

The Trickle Down Effects of Rural Male Migration on their Family Members


Migration is an old age is done basically for improving the economic conditions of family but the trickle down impacts on left behind family members are always hidden. So this study has examined the impacts of migration on the left behind members of the family that has received limited attention so far. Migration has both negative as well as positive one wants to leave their family and stay away. But for the sake of survival and better livelihood it is the duty of the head of the household specially the male members to earn a living. But here one thing which lacks the attention of researchers are the negative consequences which are faced by the women members of the family, the children and the old parents. What atrocities they go through while the head of the family is not present at home. Does it really effect the life style children education and decision making of households in positive way? Is it really fulfilling the main objective of migration for which it is done? Are the members of family really getting satisfied from the movement of head of the household for earning or any other purpose? And what are the problems which they are going through!


Dr. Priyanka Gupta

Dr.Priyanka Gupta is working as an assistant professor in Delhi University.She is engaged in many research projects based on rural areas, transgender communities,and underprivileged sections of society.She is also working for underprivileged children of many slums in Delhi and working on their education.Dr.Priyanka is an International certified career coach from USA (Mindler). Her expertise in economics can be seen in her books.Her upcoming edition is for Undergraduate students of economics..

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