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From Illusion to Autonomy

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The recordings in our heads play aimlessly compromising our decisions. We sponge up popular beliefs that silence our thoughts. We are swayed like marionettes by our puppeteers. It’s a two-step process. First, we are programmed. Then, we follow the crowd, assuming it’s fate. We have a storage of uncharted resources to reverse the domino effect of our wrong choices.

Discover the secret! how to unlock the unlimited-resolution version of ourselves and hold up against the forceful wind of brainwashing. Our journey takes us through emotional turbulence, self-deception and repressive monotony, to the gates of freedom and creativity, where we are introduced to the uniqueness inside us. Inner radiance is unlocked and shines as we rise to the Gestalt of self-actualization and authenticity. Above the corrosive toxins of hypnosis, the air is pure and clean. Light runs through our veins as if we are “filled with stars.”


Xanya Sofra Ph.D

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Dr Sofra has a doctorate in Neurophysiology from City University London, UK, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the New School for Social Research, New York City, USA. 

She is an multi award-winning international speaker and faculty member in IMCAS and Euromedicom as well as several other international Medical and Anti-aging societies. She has authored 43 published research and scientific review articles.

 Her books “Checkmate by a Protean Invisible Enemy” and “How Narcissism Invented Trumpism. The Sadomasochistic Amphisbaena” have been translated into nine different languages are now selling on several bookstores around the globe as well as online in More Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. Her recently published new book “Brainwashed” is currently selling both online and on several bookstores around the world. 

Her current research is on signalling pathways, Gestalt resonance, wound healing and novel interventions resulting in visceral fat reduction, fitness and hormonal balance increase. 

She is the inventor of the IELLIOS proprietary signalling and the original developer of the orchestrated compositions of programs designed for skin repair and pain relief. She is also the co-inventor of the Virtual Gym technology that engages the nervous system and the brain in a simulated effortless physical activity to reduce stress, increase energy and treat obesity, Diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, hypothyroid, and multiple sclerosis. Both technologies originated in London University in cooperation with Gerald Pollock, the co-inventor of the first pacemaker. 

Dr Sofra has qualified as an expert forensic neurophysiology and clinical psychology witness in the USA criminal courts and has overseen the Medical and Mental Health Units in the Criminal Justice System. She has also served as an Innovative Supervising School Psychologist and has offered extensive charitable pro bono services to disabled children.

Dr Sofra is a recognized, distinguished, and honoured member of Who is Who.

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