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A Cloister in the World

Emerging visions of leadership in contemporary Benedictine school chaplaincy

About the book:
A Cloister in the World: emerging visions of leadership in contemporary Benedictine school chaplaincy explores the essential interconnectedness of the Benedictine monastic tradition, its development in education, the nature of contemporary Benedictine school chaplaincy, and the challenges it faces, such as transmitting the Benedictine charism and renewing spiritual capital. Within this context, the Benedictine vision of leadership is considered including the four leadership models of abba, shepherd, doctor, and steward; invitational leadership; servant leadership, and the nature of lay Benedictine leadership. Twenty leaders in Benedictine education were interviewed and secondary sources were used to gather a rich data set across three different research sites. The findings were analysed using reflexive thematic analysis. The conclusions and recommendations focussed upon the ongoing challenges of providing spiritual accompaniment on the Benedictine path, forming lay chaplains in the Benedictine leadership charism, and renewing spiritual capital in Benedictine schools.
About the Author

Paul Bryant

Dr. Paul Bryant trained to teach Religious Education at Homerton College, Cambridge University. He is Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religion, Lay Chaplain, and Co-ordinator of SMSC at the Pilgrims’ School, Winchester. His research interests include school leadership, school chaplaincy, Christian school identity, and the lives of the saints.

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