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Introduction to Guidance and Counselling for Specialist Students

Year One Students of Colleges and Universities
This piece of work is developed for who wish to pursue specialist degree training in guidance and counseling. It is also useful to individuals who want to serve as guidance counselors in educational institutions, hospitals and other organizations in Sierra Leone and therefore need to have specialist training in guidance and counseling. It will provide the students with the most appropriate and necessary skills, tools, knowledge and attitudes to enable them deal with clients problems. The course will enable them to adequately perform their functions as guidance counselors. Finally it will prepare students to undertake the functions of teacher counselors in other to give academic career and social personal guidance to learners. It is therefore hoped that students would enjoy reading this work and derive some benefits from it.

About the Author

Martha Fanta Mansaray

Martha Fanta Mansaray is a consistent, diligent and committed person to accomplishing any given task. She has the ability to work under any condition/pressure and deliver a given task within a given or expected timeline. The author has held a key position and has always performed her responsibilities diligently. She is the coordinator of CAPS.

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