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MediaMorphosis: Dynamics of Social Change

The book address the multi-faceted, plural, diverse and emergent landscape of the intersections between communication and change - political, economic, social and cultural. MediaMorphosis is the continuous mutation, remodelling and reshaping - morphing of the inter-disciplinal and trans-disciplinal nature of Media Studies. It is for anyone who wishes to understand the character of today's media products and media creators.

About the Author

Maria Gwenetha Pusta

Faculty member of the Department of Communication & Media Studies of the University of Santo Tomas.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, major in Development Studies (University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines)
  • Master of Professional Studies on Development Communication (University of the Philippines – Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines)
  • Master in Business Adminsitration (Ateneo de Manila University – Makati City, Philippines)
UST F AB CommMedia PUSTA Gwenetha Y 2016 PhD 2x2 Gray - Maria Gwenetha Pusta

Professional Activities

  • Trustee, Philippine Association of Communication Educators
  • Director, Asian Congress for Media and Communication
  • Member, International Communication Association
  • Member, International Society for Third Sector Research

Research Interests

  • A Phenomenological Investigation on Mindfulness Meditation on Leadership Development of a UST adopted community
  • Reconfiguring the UST Communication Program in the Light of K-12 Transition

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