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Psychophysiological characteristics of air traffic controllers of ATC

Control and correction of psychophysiological parameters of human factor in air navigation

The development of scientific and technological progress in aviation is accompanied by a systematic increase in the share of psychoemotional overloads of dispatching personnel. According to the Provision on system-hierarchical principles of formation and ınteraction of “human factor” parameters with components of aeronautical system developed on the basis of the theory of functional systems of P.K. Anokhin, it was found that in these conditions, on the one hand, shifts of psychophysiological cognitive, audio communication and dispersion ECG indicators are increasing, on the other hand, erroneous actions of personnel are increased, accompanied by reduction of “safety of flights”. Carrying out on this background control and correction measures and trainings using automated systems normalizes disturbed psychophysiological indicators accompanied by reduction of erroneous actions of personnel. The book is intended for specialists and researchers in various fields of research of “human factor”: in aviation and aeronautical navigation, aviation psychophysiology and physiology, biology and medicine.

About the Author

Mamedov Arif Mamedovich, Dr., Prof.

Mamedov Arif Mamedovich, Dr., Prof., Member of RAS, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Head of the Department of Physiology of AMU, Head of the “Human Factor in Aviation” laboratory of National Aviation Academy.

From 1998 till the present time is Head of the Department of Aviation Psychophysiology of National Academy of Aviation (Azerbaijan, Baku).

Starting from 2008 was named Head of the Department of Normal Physiology of Azerbaijan Medical University (Baku).

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2018-2021 Winner of the International Grant Competition.

Project name: Expression of signaling molecules in the buccal epithelium.

Project participants:

1. Institute of Gerontology, Gynecology and Reproduction of the Russian Academy of Sciences. (St. Petersburg)

2. National Aviation Academy

3. Azerbaijan Medical University

4. Institute of Physiology. A.I. Garayev of ANAS.

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