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Steps Towards Democracy:
3-person rationality

The purpose of this study is to interpret the reactions and relations capable of being integrated into the policies of the DEMOCRACY itself by the suggested win-win-win papakonstantinidis model, or the "3-persons in one" rationality [tripropopos rationality] , based on the social contract between. It deals with the potential situation, all involved members to have an equal share of power, in a territorial area This situation-if it exists- is described as the angels point -the marginal /ideal situation. The “win-win-win” model is a policy-making tool in more than one field of reference (local development, management, marketing, history, psychology, sociology, administration). The win-win-win, approaching the non-tuism predictions allows greater flexibility in policy planning (local development policy, social development, community development, marketing etc.) as it offers additional degrees of freedom to it. The very concept of Democracy, in terms of UG is precisely based on this ideal consensus: the limit of successive steps towards the infinity is the perfect form of DEMOCRACY.

About the Author

Prof. Emeritus Papakonstantinidis Leonidas

· Prof. Emeritus University of Peloponnesε GR.
· Visiting Professor of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Bhagalpur, INDIA (since 03/2018)
· Honorary Professor Bandar-Lampung University Faculty of Economics (since 09/2018)
· Ex Director SDO, ex Dept. President.


Administrative Work

➙Director of School of Management and Economics, University of Peloponnesus- TEI (2007-2011)
➙Member of the ―”Sustaining Training Institute” Board (2007-2011)
➙Head of ―”Local Government” Dept (2001-2004 & 2004-2007 )
➙Project manager of ―EPEAEK / European Program) ―”Student Practice”
➙Manager of the Local Development Office(Agricultural Bank of Greece)1992- 2001

➙Head of the ―”Leader” EU Initiative, Committee for the Greek File preparation 1992
➙Dealing the ―”Leader Greek File” – EU Commission, DG VI Brussels, 02-02-1992
➙Head of the ―”Integrated Mediterranean EU Programs (MOP)’s preparation 1989
➙Vice President of the Local Action Group ―”Evrytania S.A” (1999-2000) and member of the Board (1993-2000)
➛Member of the Board of ―”Agrotouristiki S.A Company” / The State Rural Tourism Company (2000-2001)

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