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Love and Nihilism in the Lives of Sethe Suggs, Sula Peace and Pecola Breedlove

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“Fictionalizing Signifyin(g) in Toni Morrison’s Novels” comprises five interconnected articles on how Gates’s concept of Signifyin(g) amalgamates black women’s experiences with Henderson’s notion of self-reflexiveness in black writing. From the perspective of black dialogical intertextuality and the call-and-response phenomenon, this book amplifies my previous discussion of black women’s spiritual and political conversion in Jarena Lee’s spiritual tale and Harriet Jacobs’s slave narrative. (See Martins, 2018) My decision to propose this publication as a sequence to the previous work associates Toni Morrison’s black women’s experiences with Lee’s spiritual life, along with Linda Brent’s political living, through a methodological apparatus of five analytical elements: antagonizing setting and agent, supporting agent, women’s purposes, and the narratives’ outcome. Methodological organization makes feasible the establishment of the validity of Henderson’s self-reflexiveness and Gates’s Signifyin(g), both as conversational or dialogical glue joining the texts together through their racial content and narrating development.

About the author

José Endoença Martins

José Endoença Martins is an Afro-Brazilian professor, researcher and writer. As a professor, he is a faculty member at UNIFACVEST, where he teaches Literature of African Descent to graduate students.

As a researcher, he develops studies on afrodiasporic literary tradition. As a writer he has written more than twenty books, among which are the novel O Dom de Casmurro, the research Fictionalizing Signifying in Toni Morrison’s Novels, and short stories The Wrong Color of Shakespeare.

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