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Abdullah Öcalan the God of the PKK

Discourse of PKK

PKK is a bloody terrorist organization continues to exist forty three years. Who is this PKK and what does it want? At first PKK is a national socialist terrorist organization. Its leader Abdullah Öcalan has been and will be main decisive and significative determiner for PKK's discourse. In this study, we tried to define and analyze PKK, by explaining its discourse which developed around Abdullah Öcalan.

About the Authors

Mehmet Bedri ALUÇLU

İJLAL ALUÇLU, graduated from Faculty of Medicine and participated doctoral programs of Sociology&History departments. She had studied on ethnic groups. 

Mehmet Bedri Aluçlu completed his master’s degrees in Sociology  and Public Administration. He completed his doctorate  in Sociology with thesis titled The Development of the Discourse of PKK.

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