Volume I

Optimising Maltese Obstetric Medico-Legal Dynamics

It is time for Malta to establish a proper medical law to guide the jurisprudence of medical liability which still rests on the laws of general negligence. This book analyses in depth the status quo and proposes the basis of such a medical law entitled Lex Medica as well as the establishment of a Maltese Institute of Medico-Legal Studies. Such an institute would not only effect the gargantuan tasks of planning such a law and co-ordinating the interests of all stakeholding parties, but also strive to raise Maltese medico-legal studies to an international level.

Volume II

Optimising Maltese Obstetric Medico-Legal Dynamics

The book's referral to the subject of Obstetrics, the author's specialty, and its myriad proposals are in truth a blueprint for all other local medical and surgical specialties. This deeply researched work in two volumes comes at a time of many changes in the nationality profile of the average local patient. Its proposals are long overdue.

About the Author

George Gregory Buttigieg

Professor George Gregory Buttigieg is a senior OBGYN consultant and has taught OBGYN for the last 35 years at the University of Malta. He is also a Visiting Professor in OBGYN at the Medical University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and a Visiting Professor in Medico-Legal Studies at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata.

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The Meeting with the President

Prof. George Gregory Buttigieg had a meeting on July 30th with the President of Malta, H.E. George Vella.  He presented his research entitled Optimising Obstetric Medico-Legal Dynamics. The President said that this study is the first of its kind in this field and it’s very interesting.

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Cetificate of Honor awarded to Prof. George Gregory Buttigieg, by the directors of OmniScriptum Publishing House, April 2021.

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Professor George Buttigieg at National TV Breakfast Show 01/12/2020 discussing Optimising Maltese Obstetric Medico-Legal Dynamics published by Lambert Academic Publishing.

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Prof. George Gregory Buttigieg presenting his book ,,Optimising Maltese Obstetric Medico-Legal Dynamics" to the Minister of Justice, the Hon. Edward Zammit Lewis

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