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Recommended; ‘must read’ to, the esteemed WBG fraternity; existing and future employees alike, viewed to be on a higher GCSR pedestal; partners, with good standing, and premium ownership, accolades, in this perceived morally applauded GCSR – status: and how fulfilling, the feeling, to be a Global CSR agent? Additionally, it is; an informative, research chronological analysis, that also brings about better; understanding, knowledge & objective judgement, around above wonder questioned matters. At the same time, it makes; fun, entertaining, joyous– reading for pleasure. Similarly, it is good reference, to the development conscious; including; central banks, investors, trading blocks, unions, private/public sectors, & policymakers. Others, to benefit include WBG; partners, contractors, clients, donors, researchers, & opponents/politicians – for a better understanding/appreciation of; operation-activity challenges faced by WBG. Lastly, the trending, million-dollar questions, _ EXACTLY– WHOSE, INTERESTS, ARE THE BRETTON WOODS INSTITUTIONS – ALL, ABOUT? –and YES, ‘WEB FIGHTS’, – is, how I describe the multi-pronged approaches, – that, the organization employs, to meet, mission agendas.

contents and preamble



Dr. Robert Hosea Osea Omuom – is an independent socio-economic development, and civilization progression – research analyst. Major focus, mainly alongside issues/matters circulating around;– development, poverty, water/nutrition/health, better living, communication/innovation and trade. Among them; developmental initiatives and interventions. Mining from; socio-economic progression, philanthropy, peaceful coexistence, alongside natural environment opportunities/resources. While, factoring in; knowledge, finance, information, economic build up, employment, time, productivity, food security, technology, structural investment and other life chain resourcing challenges impacting, on the human environment and wellbeing.

Nick Name

‘Daktar; Ramone’ – Robert Hosea-OM; as he is commonly referred to; by local village elders – after his early age Italian medical doctor& accomplish’ – Doctor Ramone’; was born in the late 1960’s; (exact time unknown) at MA Calder’ Mines area near lake Victoria, in South Nyanza Region – KENYA. The name ‘Daktar’ (meaning -medical doctor) was coined by locals; who wished to see him, grow up – to play a medical doctor’ role for the villagers, and take-over in the footsteps of the Italian Doctor. A dream that was however, never to be. He became the best candidate scoring 34 out of 36 points – in Certificate Primary Examinations (1980) Abwao School. Where he served as the school – Time- Keeper and Bell Ringer. A role that shaped his later life to-date, when it comes to scheduled timings.


Committed to excellence, efficient effective; be a value adding, and/or asset to others, and to the world. Always endeavour to – ‘deliver complaints free value-adding engagements; prioritizing; moral and corporate social responsibility goal targets; conscious to matters; integrity, accountability, shared prosperity, human rights, natural and environmental conservation. Daktar gets concerned; whenever parties failed to observe time, for scheduled engagements. Indeed, for scheduled office meetings, he often castigated late participants that – it was unacceptable to turn up late for a meeting. Which by tradition always started with a prayer. Emphasizing that to do so was, tantamount to keeping the almighty God waiting; yet divine intervention was critical and paramount; for successful deliberations. Besides – from a time management perspective – take the case of a branch-staff meeting of a 40 staff-compliment, starting 15 minutes late. This would translate into {15X40} = 600mins!} = equivalent to a significant impact of 10man-hourslateness loss! To Daktar, it is always a cardinal principle, that; whoever we are?; wherever we are? and, whatever we are doing? We must endeavour to do it right, timely and better, and that, at the very least; always aim to leave things better than we had found it. Even if it is as simple as yawning; going for a short call; or as difficult as shutting your mouth in the middle of an argument. Accordingly; always endeavour for a good start, be positive. Create a conducive; environment, atmosphere, and attitude; ready to facilitate fruitful value adding gainful outcomes. Encourage positive communication, to whip up motivation, for instance; the glass is- 1⁄2 full; rather than- 1⁄2 empty. Reported the team was, 2nd runners-up, rather than a distant 3rd; and instead of, mad or mentally disoriented; we can say mentally challenged. What a beautiful inherence for later generations; if only we each succeed to leave behind something good; at least better than we found it.


After primary school, Daktar joined Cardinal Otunga High School (Mosocho) in Kisii District. He started, his banking career, after high school – as a junior officer at the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) PLc (1987). While at SCB, he became a beneficiary of the Banks’ higher learning/training sponsorship and pursued a BSc (Hons) Degree course in Banking & Financial Services (2003) and later an MBA Degree – Strategic Banking Operations Management (2009); at University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology, and the University of Bradford respectively, in the United Kingdom. While at Standard Chartered Bank Plc and later at the Cooperative Bank Limited; where he worked as Business and Products Development Trainer & Communication Marketer; he took active part in the development and roll-out of supportive; savings/loan-product solutions; tailored and targeting the lowly disadvantaged traders in society(read bottom poor). In particular, using ‘SACCO’ and group guarantee cooperative membership platform. Wherein the appraisal qualification criteria for applicants, is basically; their customers’ insured policy trade-group membership. Which served the purpose and need in place for otherwise collateral security. Thereby granting the needed; access to loan funds, for among others; Medical Scheme membership, Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF); Basic Education, Affordable Social Housing Initiatives, and Merchandise Commodity Trading, among other proprietorship livelihood commercial ventures; common among peasant traders.


It is with this background namely; that of seeking to uplift the economic financial capital solutions and availability, to the lower end of the population pyramid; that majorly became Daktar’s primary motivator to write this already famous – ‘Poverty Fighting Analysis Book; focused around the WBG’ mission agenda and poverty alleviation programs. It is noteworthy that – this background already featured prominently in two PhD theses; and consequently formed the backbone of the book’s manuscript. Whereas the WBG poverty eradication strategies’ are extensively covered under these theses, the ideas covered therein goes back to the prior years during the banking career. Wherein, he had gotten encourage and quite moved by WBG organizations’ demonstrated persistent efforts and concern for economic recovery and poverty eradication, almost single-handedly; after World War-2. Thereby giving credence to the early signs of the hypothesized; Global CSR organization status’; as herein later affirmed, by this very book. As a banker, Daktar came face to face with the Bretton Woods’ institutions’ noble mission agendas; via some of the notable philanthropic support programs channelled via the private & public sectors, aimed at aiding provision of essential human basics, market development, and empowerment of MICRO businesses, targeting the bottom poor in society. It is based on the forgone preambles above that, informed/became the basis, and consequently gave birth to this now famous historical analysis book titled;- ‘’The World Bank Group (WBG); Development & Mounted Web – Fights Against Poverty’’. Using – ‘Conditioned Left Overs’ From Rich Nations.


This book is a first and a unique release in that it has something for all the mentioned readership classes. Whether in school, a student, teacher, at work, storyteller, addicted reader, a researcher, investors, policy makers, rulers and the ruled alike. The issues covered and sentiments raised are enlightening and touches’ all spheres of life. No doubt, each reader will find a favourite section and indeed something to talk about, and what’s more; age does not matter.

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