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Corporate Social Sustainability Systems Thinking In Turbulent Times

A Practical Business Guide in the 4th Industrial Revolution at the Cusp of the 5th and Beyond Perspectives

Dr. Diliah Abigail Mutambara in this Book, Corporate Social Sustainability Systems Thinking In Turbulent Times argues that, a systems thinking lens during this 4th Industrial Revolution at the cusp of the 5th and beyond is fundamental. The global village including corporates has been experiencing diverse chaotic, volatile and ambiguous wicked problems which requires design and systemic approach to solve. These problems encompasses human & labor rights, pandemic diseases, health & wellness issues, poverty, hunger, limited access to education among others. This 21st century era is very turbulent and turbulence is the new norm. This has a negative impact on the business sustainability. The impacts further affect employees, their household members, the surrounding business footprint and beyond.

About the Author

Dr. Diliah Abigail Mutambara

Dr. Diliah Abigail Mutambara, PhD is an Academic External Examiner & Visiting Lecturer in South Africa, Strategic Agile Consultancy Managing Director, a Scholar Consulting in the African Corporate Sustainability, Social Responsibility & Evaluation. She has Presented Academic Papers at Global Conferences in Europe, USA, Africa, Mexico and Canada.

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