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Combined (MBBR/Electroflotation) bed for treatment of organic dyes

A novel hybrid approach using two sustainable green technologies (MBBR/Ef) for removal of non-biodegradable organic dyes

Water is at the core of sustainable development according to the United Nations' sustainable development goals and is essential for socio-economic growth, energy generation, food production, healthy ecosystems, and life on earth. Also essential to climate change adaptation, acting as a vital connection between civilization and the environment. Contamination water and poor treatment methods have been related to the spread of illnesses and cause aesthetic problems for aquatic, human health, water bodies, and pollutants enter the groundwater system. The most common industry that has a high consumption of water is the Textile industry and their wastewater is loaded with a huge amount of contaminants. So, the availability of quality and quantity water supply is strongly linked to how wastewater is managed by providing sustainable treatment solutions.

About the Author

Dalia T Ibrahim

I grew up in Baghdad/Iraq, I have a in Water Resources Engineering and M.Sc in Environmental Engineering. I was so interested in my field it tells you when you want to protect yourself from diseases, you must first protect your environment from pollution. And for achieving my goals in this field, I have a passion to develop my experiences.

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