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Elements of the Theory of Social Vision

The book is a presentation of the author's coherent interpretation of a group of basic terms representing objects of social order of the universe. These subjects are the signs of the phenomena of morality, society, social activity and prospects of general social activity in the anthropological environment. At the same time, there are no tasks to improve educational and educational methods of didactic aspiration. Expressed purely scientific desire to advance in the understanding of the topic under study is very close to the traditional stimulus of knowledge, called the truth. For researchers of humanitarian themes.

About the Author

Alexander Bib

Alexander Bib is an independent researcher on philosophy, mathematics and sociology at the Russian Philosophical Society and the European Mathematical Society.

He was born on May 1st, 1953 in Buy, in the Kostroma region, from a family of non-party public servants and spent his childhood in Irkutsk and Chernihiv.

He studied at the Technical School in Sevastopol, in the Soviet Army and at the University of Ryazan.

Alexander Bib worked as a design engineer in Zhukovsky. Public activity in the 1990s.
Work at factories, universities and is a member of the Russian Philosophical Society.

Ever since I was a child, my main interests have been in science…

A Bib 2015 - Author Biography

This book has been translated from Russian.
The original is entitled “Элементы теории социального видения” and was published under ISBN 978-613-9-99158-7 by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

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