The Gospel of John in Greek

Textcritical Research on the Gospel of John in All Its Variety

About the book:

This book contains a full textcritical apparatus with conclusions on the Gospel of John. The Greek text in all its variety stands at its base and it is then compared with a great number of textual witnesses: Syriac, Latin, Coptic, Armenian, Georgian, Ethiopian, Dutch and also with Palestinian, Georgian and Dutch Lectionaries and the Diatessaron in all its variety. These last categories are often neglected in textcritical research, but they appear to be an outstanding textual witness to the early textforms of the Gospel. Also some early fathers, Origen and Ephrem, are included . This book is thus a contribution to the International Greek New Testament-Project, as it enlarges its scope to a wider range of textual witnesses.

About the Author:

Albert ten Kate

Dr. Albert ten Kate is an independent scholar and minister of the Protetant Church in the Netherlands. As orientalist, he published about the Bible in Armenian, Coptic and Ethiopian manuscripts and their traditions. He also cooperated in the Ethiopian Psalm-project and published about the Sanctus and about Gregory of Nazianze in the Armenian Tradition.

He was born in France (1952) and lived from 8-17 years in The Hague. Dr. Albert ten Kate studied theology in Leiden. Parishes in: Dedemsvaart (1978) Emmen (1985), Bergen op Zoom 1997 2018. Doctoral Dissertation: Avec dévouement total- La lutte de Dieu contre toute puissance(Origine et et développement de la toute-puissance(Amsterdam 2001).

He is an active researches and contributed to conferences in Paris, Cairo, Geneva, Lissabon, Rome(Coptic); Vittoria-Gastez(Spain) Paris, Oxford, Erevan(Armenian); Tbilisi2009-2018): Georgian; Boston 2017: (Ethiopian) with over 25 publications, spread over different countries.

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