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Jewish Authors Find Welcome at New German Publishing House

Esther von KrosigkEsther von Krosigk ist vielfach publizierte Autorin, Journalistin, Herausgeberin und Verlagsgründerin. Kürzlich rief sie den neuen jüdischen Verlag Hadassa Word Press ins Leben - nach dem christlichen Fromm-Verlag und dem Doyen-Verlag die dritte vielversprechende Verlagsgründung im Rahmen unserer Verlagsgruppe.

Hadassa Word Press bietet allen Menschen, die dem Judentum nahestehen oder sich für dieses interessieren, die Chance, ihre Gedanken und Erfahrungen rund um die jüdische Kultur in Buchform zu veröffentlichen. 

Rabbi Yaakov Thompson sprach mit Esther von Krosigk über die Hintergründe, die Ziele und das Konzept des neuen Verlages. Nach 30 Jahren im Gemeinde-Rabbinat ist Rabbi Yaakov Thompson heute als Moderator der Sendung "To Life L'Chaim", die wöchentlich im Sender Jewish Life TV ausgestrahlt wird, sowie als Executive Producer der Dokumentations-Serie "Reliving the Holocaust: Through Their Eyes" tätig. Webseite: www.hadassa-wp.com

Jewish Authors Find Welcome at New German Publishing House

Jews have always been "the people of the book." Even in the age of e-books, blogs, and the wealth of information to be found on the net, Jewish authors and readers still embrace the experience of holding a book. There is something intimate and personal about opening a book and at the same time opening a door to a world of new ideas. The sad truth is, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to publish books- increased prices in all aspects of book production has made it all but impossible for the unknown author to get a book out to the market. Thanks to the vision of one business woman Jewish authors have a new avenue to share their writings with a world market.

Jewish authors around the world are being invited to share their writing via a new imprint located in Saarbrücken, Germany. Hadassa Word Press is the brain child of German author and publisher Esther von Krosigk. Von Krosigk has authored several novels and non-fiction works. She has also been involved in the reissue of many classic 19th century titles long out of print. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ms. von Krosigk and learn more about the new imprint.

Considering the impact  that digital content now has on every aspect of communication and learning, I asked von Krosigk about the reasons that she focuses her company on traditional printed content. "Books and written testimonies of human life are still the main medium to understand the world. At the moment digital content is still only a complement to books. Words, the verbal description of our being, are still the method by which we discover the world and ourselves. In the future we will have many new ways to share our words but, for now, I still love books."

"Looking back at my whole life I can say that I was born to make books- to write them, publish them, and to create new imprints for our publishing house." Von Krosigk added, "Hadassa Word Press is addressed to Jewish authors in order to give them a platform to share their love of Judaism".

I asked von Krosigk how this new venture into Jewish publishing fit into the multi-faceted publishing house that she oversees. "Hadassa Word Press fits very well with another publishing project I founded a couple of years ago- Fromm Verlag- for which we invite Christian authors to publish with us. The response was overwhelming so we began to include books in several languages." I am happy to take that idea and apply it to the works of Jewish authors.

I still had the burning question to ask: Esther von Krosigk is not Jewish- why is she working so intensely to publish the works of Jewish authors? "I inherited the name Esther from my great- Grandmother who was Jewish. I never had any knowledge or real interest in learning about Jewish history or religion but all that changed when I visited Israel last year. I instantly fell in love with the country and decided to found a publishing house for Jewish authors."

I then saw that beyond these personal reasons von Krosigk also sensed the need for action; "In central Europe we are seeing a neo-Anti-Semitism. Demonstrations in the streets and attacks on Jewish people made me aware of the new aggression. In this period of religious violence and controversy in so many parts of the world I hope that our books can contribute to better understanding."

I asked her about her long term goals for Hadassa Word Press: "My intention is to give the Jewish community a voice through our books by sharing knowledge and understanding. Words are so strong- sometimes stronger than weapons."

After speaking with von Krosigk I too have high hopes for the new press. If you would like to learn more visit hadassa-wp.com to learn all the details about the press.

Rabbi Yaakov Thompson