Deep Learning Application for Analyzing of Medical Images

About the book:

The need for time and attention given by the doctor to the patient, due to the increased volume of medical data to be interpreted and filtered for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes has encouraged the development of the option to support, constructively and effectively, deep learning models for applications in the interpretation of medical images. Imaging physicians combine data from different stages and medical experiences, as opposed to DL models that incorporate the same types and modes of artisanal features. The major contribution of this book is primarily to highlight the impact of data quality, type and volume used by deep learning models in medical image analysis accompanied by updated characterization of the components of the deep learning process from data to medical applications. Second, it describes the specific correlations between the components of the deep learning process. Finally, it presents problems and directions for future research.

About the Author:

Dr. Tudor Florin Ursuleanu

My name is Ursuleanu Tudor Florin, General Surgery Specialist, PhD student of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi, Romania and together with the co-author Luca Andreea Roxana, obstetrics and gynecology specialist, PhD student, work under the guidance of the co-author, Professor, PhD, Grigorovici Alexandru, General Surgery. We are passionate about the use of computer science in medicine to increase the accuracy of the medical act. I hope you will read “Deep Learning Applications for Analysing of Medical Images”, with interest and curiosity, a complete and current analysis about the applications of artificial intelligence in medicine.

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