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Becoming an author? That is not for me.

That's what a lot of people think when it comes to writing a book on their own or publishing something already written. The words author, writer and poet often have the connotation of renowned personalities we generally would not dare to compete with: Hemingway and Shakespeare, Nobel and Hawking.

But the fact is that lots of excellent books were written by less famous authors — novels, fiction and non-fiction just as scientific publications.

  • Do you happen to have written a doctoral thesis, master or bachelor thesis in a special field thinking: "Who, outside of my faculty, cares about this topic?" Don't forget: Science is highly interdisciplinary and strongly depending on new findings. Maybe it’s your work  that has the crucial detail to drive future research and development in this field.
  • Or do you have to tell a story? Do you think of yourself as an expert in something, either through life experience, hobbies, work or studies? Are you passionate about writing and ready to invest a little time?

We would be glad to give you a hand on your way to becoming an author. Your word is worth sharing!

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