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 I thank Lambert Academic Publishing for helping me publish my second book ''Guidelines for Safe And Effective Use of Pesticides''. I couldn't have done it on my own. They are very efficient, co-operate and guide authors well , publish within a very short time and their printed books are very clean, clear and perfect. This has encouraged me to continue publishing with them. This book can be used to train workers who spray pesticides in order to reduce poisoning and also help in production of food that is safe for consumption.  

Violet Momanyi, author of the book:

 Guidelines for Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides. Safety Measures for Pesticide Users


 Foi com enorme prazer que recebi convite da Novas Edições Acadêmicas para publicar a minha dissertação de mestrado. Um enorme agradecimento à editora pela competência e rapidez na execução da publicação. A obra trata do sistema defensivo e urbanismo da cidade de Alcácer do Sal (Portugal) durante os cinco séculos da permanência islâmica, permitindo ao leitor desfrutar de uma viagem no tempo, numa época marcada por batalhas entre a cristandade e o Islão na disputa dos territórios mas, também, por um período onde coabitavam pacificamente comunidades de religiões distintas e onde se assinala uma riqueza cultural, visível na arquitectura e nas peças que eram utilizadas nos quotidianos da medina alcacerense, e económica, cujo rio Sado desempenhou um papel primordial na deslocação de bens, pessoas e produtos para outras terras longínquas do Império Islâmico. 

Marta Isabel Caetano Leitão, autor do livro:

 A Presença Islâmica em al-Qasr (Alcácer do Sal) o território e o sistema defensivo


 A importância do desenvolvimento das pesquisas genéticas com células-tronco está no desafio do homem frente as enfermidades que afligem tantas pessoas, por isso, a necessidade de legislação a respeito do tema sob o crivo ético-social. Esse trabalho foi resultado da dissertação de conclusão do Mestrado em Direito Constitucional na Universidade de Coimbra. Eis que quatro anos após a defesa da dissertação, me recupero do transplante de células-tronco de medula óssea a demonstrar a medicina a serviço do homem, tal como as leis, ambas com escopo de preservação da vida humana. Meus sinceros agradecimentos as Novas Edições Acadêmicas ao proporcionar a edição deste livro. 

Camila Amorim, autor do livro:

 Células- tronco. Necessidade de controle social. A importância das pesquisas genéticas para sociedade numa perspectiva jurídica


 Lambert Academic Publishing offered me the most exciting and interesting opportunity in my life to publish my thesis globally with a very rapidly, professionally and satisfactory way of print. I gratitude a deep thanks for all OmniScriptum members especially my respective editor Ms. Kristine Vasaraudze for her unlimited help and support during the publishing process. I guarantee Lambert Academic Publishing especially for new and young researchers. You don’t need to pay to publish your book, they provide you all facilities not only to publish your book, but also marketing it in book shops and online. Really, it’s amazing experience, it's worth to try. Of course I’m looking forward to repeat this co-operation again.  

Amira Salah EL-Din Hefny, author of the book:

 Some Aspects Studies of Liza Carinata in Suez Bay, Egypt

 É com imenso prazer que me dirijo às Novas Edições Acadêmicas, em especial ao meu editor, ilustre Lemos, para agradecer o imenso apoio que me deu, o carinho, confiança em todo o processo para que o projecto se tornasse realidade.
É facto de que há inúmeras vantagens, divulgar na vossa editora, pese embora esteja a muitas milhas do continente africano, em particular do meu país, Moçambique. Contudo valeu a pena, dado que não tem sido fácil lançar uma obra sem suporte financeiro. A partir desta experiência, pretendo convidar mais estudantes e interessados para prosseguirmos com mais trabalhos de investigação, como forma de partilhar conhecimentos pelo mundo fora.
Bem-haja Novas Edições Académicas.

Eduardo Inzezela Peres, autor do livro:

 Análise Semiológica da Publicidade. Outdoors expostos em Maputo Cidade e Província, Nampula, Cabo Delgado e Zambézia


 Being recent graduates, authoring a book was not a short term goal for both of us. But the opportunity presented itself through LAP Lambert Academic Publishing and we are so happy that we made the right decision by taking it.

This entire journey was made so smooth and quick by the company. We really admire and appreciate the prompt response and help given to us through every stage. You are definitely a blessing for first-time authors like us. Thank you. 

Amirthavarshini Lj and Varshini Rajasekaran, authors of the book:

 Efficient Task Scheduling & Carbon Emission Reduction in Cloud: Maximizing Profit and Emphasising on Green Computing

 كنت قلقاً في أول الأمر بشأن مؤسسة نور للنشر حينما عرضت علي طبع كتابي، لكن بعدما قررت وأرسلت لها مخطوطتي للنشر فحقاً أدهشتني باهتمامها البالغ، وإخلاصها الفريد، وحرصها الجميل، وفائق سرعتها في النشر، التعاون معها فرصة لا ينبغي تفويتها. 
كتابي المنشور بعنوان "شبهات حول الصحيحين- دراسة نقدية-" يتحدث عن أهم الشبهات المثارة قديماً وحديثاً حول صحيحي البخاري ومسلم وهما أصح كتب الحديث النبوي الشريف على الإطلاق في نظر علماء المسلمين ، فيحاول دراسة تلكم الشبهات ونقدها وتقويمها وفق قواعد علمية دقيقة  متجنباً التكلف في الفهم والتفسير وذلك للخروج بنتائج علمية مرضية بشأن الشكوك التي تثار والأقاويل التي تقال بين الفينة والأخرى حول هذين الكتابين الجليلين وما حواهما  وبيان مدى صلتها بالضوابط العلمية في النقد والتقييم. 


In English: 

  At first I was concerned and not quite sure about NOOR PUBLISHING's offer to publish my book, but when I decided and sent them my  manuscript  they really astonished and surprised me with their care, sincerity and ultra-speed in publishing, it's a great opportunity to cooperate with them. My book entitled " شبهات حول الصحيحين" is presenting the most important suspicions about Sahih Al-bukhari and Sahih Muslim (the two correct books of the prophet Mohammed's Traditions [ Hadith] in the Muslims' consideration) in old times and present, criticizes and corrects them scientifically and objectively avoiding constraint in understanding and interpretation. 

Imran Mohammed Ismael, author of the book:

 شبهات حول الصحيحين

 FedEx brought to our summer cottage in the Finnish archipelago a box full of the second edition of my doctoral book Women's Road to Leadership and Ministry in the Lutheran Church of El Salvador 1952-2009! The publisher is Éditions Vie and it is possible to order the book, e.g., from and  The cover has a new picture, which is a photo of the mural in San Salvador painted by the artist Christian Chavarría. With an excellent help of the editor Ana Lavric the whole process went very quick and smoothly. I highly recommend Éditions Vie for other scientists for publishing their research results!  

Dr. Heli Päivikki Inkinen, author of the book:

 Women’s Road to Leadership and Ministry in the Lutheran Church of El Salvador 1952-2009

 Soy H. K. Michael Ayala. Gracias a CREDO EDICIONES, me es posible compartir mi libro "Crónicas de un evangélico", que recoge una serie de experiencias vividas dentro de la cosmovisión cristiano evangélica. 
A través de una serie de cuentos, con la pertinente dosis de reflexión, risa e ironía, muestro al mundo todo un universo poco conocido y del que pocos han escrito. Un cordial saludo, espero les guste.

Prof. Henry Kurt Michael Ayala Alva, autor del libro:

 Crónicas de un evangélico: Experiencias y anécdotas de la comunidad evangélica en el Perú

 In mid-May 2017 Scholars' Press asked me if I had a manuscript ready for publication. If so, I could send it to the Press and within six weeks the text would be a printed book.

In view of my age (91) I had stopped publishing in journals or books in 2015, instead putting my recent brief notes on the New Testament online. In answer to the invitation I took the decision to bring together ninety notes, arrange them in seven part (Matthew, Mark, Luke, Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, and other writings) and sent them to Scholars' Press. The manuscript was accepted and three electronic proof-reading were needed to have the final text. The book arrived in the beginning of July. The collaboration was efficient and as quick as the Press had promised.

"In Search of Meaning: Collected Notes on the New Testament (2014-2017)" (560 pages): Most articles contain a reaction to a recent publication. Beside the more technical notes, there are some meant for a wider interested public. The readers will see that I try to detect as exactly as possible the reasoning of the biblical author, that is the authorial intention. A few items by way of example: I still believe that Mark has known and edited (part of) the Q-document. Further, a new understanding of Galatians 5,6 and 6,16 is put forward. Five notes evaluate data in John P. Meyer's fifth volume, that on the parables. 

Prof. Dr. Jan Lambrecht, author of the book:

 In Search of Meaning. Collected Notes on the New Testament (2014-2017)

 I really appreciate the cooperation with Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) because the process is fast and easy to understand. This is my first work and LAP guides and directs me in the process. I feel helped by the system from LAP. They answered all my questions , highly appreciate the author and in the future I want to cooperate again with LAP. Thank very much!  

Dr. Fanny Margaretha Laihad, author of the book:

 Mucormycosis in the Oral Cavity with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

 This is a new experience for me although I have published in text books worldwide, but this is totally different and beneficial experience. Overall I am so pleased with the outcome. You have been so patient and kind and I must commend you on your high degree of professionalism. I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Dr. Samir Ahmad Abuznaid, author of the book:

 Organizational Behavior from an Islamic Perspective 

 Издательство Lambert Academic Publishing мне известно совсем недавно, о нём я узнала в феврале этого года, и очень сожалею, что это событие не  произошло раньше. У меня издано уже сорок книг, но впервые мне встретилась издательская команда, которая работает так слаженно и результативно: всё происходит буквально молниеносно, схема издания книги отшлифована  до мельчайших деталей. Весь процесс изготовления электронного макета  занимает 1-2 недели. Всё делается высоко профессионально и чрезвычайно корректно.  И самое главное – никаких материальных затрат на этот процесс со стороны автора не требуется! 

Лариса Миронова, автор книги

 Универсальное знание. Скрытые мотивы

First of all, let me greet you and wish success in your important activities. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for giving me, my colleagues, scholars, scientists from different countries a great opportunity to publish and distribute important scientific works worldwide (electronic as well as hard copy versions) in the various fields.

It is significant to mention that your efforts to support authors is very useful globally. By obtaining, reviewing manuscripts, which are later published by Scholar`s Press, many people of our planet have the chance to share knowledge in various academic disciplines, which is positively reflected on the professional development of numerous scholars in our planet. 

Since the second half of the XX and beginning of the XXI Centuries, the humanity entered to the new era – period of globalization. This process promotes cooperation among different states in the field of politics, economics, trade, information, communication, education, etc. The processes in one concrete country or region are immediately reflected on the situation at other regions of the World. 

Thus, in the information era, many people are more and more interested not only in the processes inside their native countries but also in outer world. More and more people are feeling themselves not only as citizens of the country of their origin, but as inhabitants of our multinational planet. So, in the framework of globalization, the development of the relations among the states will be impossible without existence of the contacts and partnership relations among the representatives of the different nations. 

Based on the above-mentioned factors, the main purpose of the book “World Geography. Political, Economic and Demographic Dimensions” is to provide the reader from various regions of our planet regarding processes, which from the geographic point of view are still going on in the World. As a result, the consumer will be provided with the different types of information regarding all countries and regions of our planet. Particularly, the analysis of different historic periods will be presented, which influenced on the cardinal changes on the politico-geographic map of our planet from the ancient period till now; Modern World Political Map - Classification and Typology of the countries by the forms of governance, administrative-territorial division, socio-economic development, etc. Political maps of the different continents; Regional and local conflicts, Geography of the world`s natural resources, different aspects of the world population (reproduction, quality of population, composition, migration, etc.).

Taking into account the huge role of your publishing house in favor of providing the international cooperation through education, it should be pointed out, that Scholars` Press plays a great role of a global character.

Establishment of the partnership relation with Scholar`s Press, publishing my book is the great honor for me and at the same time, it is great responsibility and gives me motivation to implement new research activities concerning our World. Thus, I express my readiness to continue the cooperation with the publishing house and present new manuscripts for publishing and further distribution. 

Nika Chitadze, author of the book:

 World Geography. Political, Economic and Demographic Dimensions

 Muito grata às Novas Edições Acadêmicas pelo convite para publicação do meu livro. É uma obra que vale a pena ler não só porque orienta os professores na planificação e na implementação de atividades experimentais, mas também porque realça o papel preponderante da formação inicial, na criação de oportunidades e disponibilização de recursos, de forma que o professor em formação questione as suas próprias conceções e práticas e otimize o seu desempenho. 

Alcina Figueiroa, autor do livro:  

Trabalho Experimental em Contexto de Prática de Ensino Supervisionada

 Я хочу выразить Вам огромную благодарность за то, что я держу в руках СВОЮ собственную книгу, рожденную в Вашем издательстве! Честно скажу, я не очень верила в удачный финал. Так как мне на почту приходит огромное количество предложений каждый день, я привыкла не обращать на них внимания. Но Ваше предложение меня почему-то "зацепило". И я очень рада, что согласилась на сотрудничество с Вами и стала Вашим автором. Огромное спасибо Вам и Вашей команде за быстрое, оперативное и результативное сотрудничество! Я хочу сравнить Вашу работу с работой опытного профессионального акушера, который помогает появиться на свет маленькому ребенку, такому желанному и ценному для своей матери. Большое всем вам СПАСИБО за это! Надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество с Вами! Я расскажу об этом сотрудничестве всем своим друзьям! 

Светлана Майборода, автор книги:

  Формирование учебных интересов трудно обучаемых школьников

 Our collaboration with Blessed Hope Publishing was quick and accurate. The professional staff of the publisher and their work is a guarantee of success. I work fine arts and literature at the same time. Illustrations of the book cover and the volume are my own works. The Unity of the Faith is a selection of the volumes published in previous years. The leader of the selection is metaphysical intellectualism, which is a source of art and philosophy at the same time. The titles of blocks of poems in the volume, such as Poems and notes from an apocrypha, no deteriorating deficience or maps of grace, indicate the fundamental importance of Christian attitude to life in my verses. 

Zoltán Fátyol, author of the book:

 Egységnyi hit: válogatott versek


 Cerca de um terço dos sobreviventes de Acidente Vascular Cerebral (AVC) podem desenvolver alterações neuropsicológicas associadas com prejuízo cognitivo ou demência que dificultam a reabilitação e, em última instância, corroboram altas taxas de mortalidade após o AVC. O diagnóstico precoce de deficiências cognitivas pós-AVC permite intervenções terapêuticas mais eficazes e a prevenção de tais prognósticos. Uma avaliação cognitiva realizada por telefone, como a TICS-M (Entrevista Telefônica para Avaliação do Estado Cognitivo - Modificada), possibilita redução de custos e tempo para a verificação do surgimento de prejuízo cognitivo pós-AVC, tanto em estudos epidemiológicos, assim como na prática clínica." A oportunidade de publicação deste material deve especial agradecimento a Novas Edições Acadêmicas que, lançando mão da facilidade tecnológica de sua plataforma e de seu sistema editorial, nos ofereceu uma proposta inovadora para a divulgação deste trabalho científico. 

Alessandra Baccaro, autor do livro:  

 TICS-M - Entrevista Telefônica para Avaliação do Estado Cognitivo

 I have always had eagerness to public speech and writing. I wrote articles on the Internet, and of course, I had always wanted to write a book on my favorite area of interest, which is cloud computing.

I came to know about Lambert Academic Publishing via one of my friend. When I approached them, they were really interested in publishing my work. And I must really thank editorial team for giving a shape to my book. The way in which the editorial board worked with me was excellent. They have completed all the process in 10 days and moved my book to sale. My special thanks to Ms. Tulloo for her excellent co-ordination.  One small line for all those who aspire to do something big:

"Never let your dream down, for silly comments from the fake well wishers and haters. Keep calm and go ahead".   

 Introduction to Cloud Computing

 My experience with Lap – Lambert Academic Publishing (an imprint of OmniScriptum) was very special and interesting. I have been working on my thesis investigating factors affecting the inflows of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to any country and seeking to apply my work on Egypt. After a lot of hard working and efforts; I was done with my work providing valuable and important results. I was surprised when professional editors from LAP contacted me offering to publish my work in a book to be available online for sale. It was a great opportunity for me to acquire copyrights for my work easily and quickly giving me the chance to make my work available for interested bodies to benefit from it. Editors of OmniScriptum are very helpful, responsive, and collaborative where I recommend all types of authors to publish with them and I am looking forward for doing further projects with OmniScriptum.  

Ahmed Helmy, author of the book:

 International Business & Foreign Direct Investment


 Estou muito satisfeito com a publicação do meu livro MÉTODO TRANSDISCIPLINAR DE PESQUISA, TABACOLOGIA E TESTE, feita pela editora NOVAS EDIÇÕES ACADÊMICAS, pois agora os meus alunos do mundo inteiro poderão adquirir esta obra pela INTERNET. Entendo que a TRANSDISCIPLINARIDADE é o assunto do momento nas várias CIÊNCIAS, inclusive nas ÁREAS DA SAÚDE. Gostei muito da maneira prática, rápida e eficaz da editora NOVAS EDIÇÕES ACADÊMICAS publicar, divulgar e distribuir por demanda o meu livro. Divulguei o lançamento do livro em meu programa de rádio O DIVÃ DE ANDRÉ KEPPE, realizado todas as sextas-feiras às 16:00h. pela RÁDIO MUNDIAL (95,7 FM - São Paulo, Brasil, ou na internet: 

Dr. Marc André Keppe, autor do livro

 Método Transdisciplinar de Pesquisa, Tabacologia e Teste

 OmniScriptum has some peculiarity, which distinguishes it from others. You look for authors with worthy ideas and offer bidding. You cooperate in a way that authors move fast to the end of publication process even when there are some difficulties. I'm surprised for the good! You impressed me a lot! I am very satisfied with the communication, as well as instructions, clarity, and detailed suggestions. Thank you! 

Dr. Hajdin Abazi, author of the book:

 Has Science Got Any Basic Principle?

 My experience with Lambert Academic Publishing began in the autumn of 2016 when they contacted me asking if I was interested in publishing a manuscript of a presentation that I had given at a professional meeting.  I replied that I had partially written a book and asked if they would be interested in that.  They were positive about it, and eventually the book was published.  Through the arduous period of preparing the book, the acquisitions editor at Lambert was unfailingly patient and supportive, even when I missed the deadline.  My experience with Lambert has been very positive.  I strongly recommend them to any of my colleagues who like to publish their manuscripts, theses, or books on scholarly subjects. 

Dr. Ronald Abramson, author of the book:

 The Trouble With Modern Psychiatry

Combien c’est magnifique cette expérience de publier ma thèse de doctorat en biologie dans la presse académique francophone (paf). J’ai trop apprécié l’impression de mon livre ainsi que le degré de professionnalisme de l’équipe lors de cette publication. 

Docteur Jamel Ben Mimoun, l’auteur du livre: 

 Le mouflon à manchettes (Ammotragus lervia) en Tunisie

 Publishing with OmniScriptum was an excellent experience. At all steps of the process the staff was present and attentive. They are dedicated to the success of the books they publish and it was truly a pleasure to work with the team at OmniScriptum. 

Anderson Boanafina, author of the book:

Autoavaliação de cursos




 I had never heard of Blessed Hope Publishing, based in Germany, until I got an e-mail about two months ago asking me had I any material of a spiritual or theological nature that I would like to have published in book form. I was about to reply that I regretfully did not have material of that nature stashed away in some cupboard. Then I wondered could articles I have written for “The Connaught Telegraph” over the past twenty-two years by any stretch of the imagination qualify for their criterion. I e-mailed them four articles relating to Christmas and Easter. They replied that they were interested, asked for more, and in a matter of days a book cover was being designed, articles were being chosen and in less than two months I have a new book in each hand.


The book of articles from “The Connaught” and a number of other sources, with a couple of short stories thrown in, is titled: “Priest on The Periphery” with a subtitle: “Reflections on Faith.”The writing is a bit small for my liking, (Specsavers comes to mind) and one article is repeated by mistake, but I am pleased to have so many articles between the covers of a book. Much of what I have published already is in the Irish language, and even people with Irish ask me for something in English from time to time. Many of those who went to school in the days of the “séimhiú,” the dot above letters which represented the “h” find it difficult to read modern Irish. For that reason I am pleased that Blessed Hope have also decided to publish an English version of a book published by Cló Iar-Chonnacht in 2004, “Eaglais na gCatacómaí” about my life as a priest. Luckily enough I had been working on a translation a decade ago and it was still there in the computer.

“Catacomb Church” is the title, and I went a little tongue in cheek with the subtitle: “Portrait of The Artist as an Ageing Priest.” It is of course a reference to James Joyce’s “Portrait of The Artist as a young man.” A dramatic version of that book by Hugh Leonard was staged in Maynooth at a time I was working the lights in that College’s Aula Maxima. I know every word of the production by heart, from the opening “moocow going down the road” to the author’s famous rejection of Roman Catholicism: “I will not serve.” As one who has served at the altar for forty-six years, I felt entitled to raise at least one finger in salute. I have no quibble with Joyce’s life or life choice, and often hold him up as an example of Catholic education. What the Jesuits taught left him free to choose another way. However, those who stayed are entitled to their views and decisions too.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on those books can Google the titles, or “Blessed Hope Publications” “e-books” “” or other electronic ways and means that I have not begun to understand. 


Pádraig Standún, author of the books:

 Priest on the Periphery

 Catacomb Church

 I was very happy to cooperate with Lambert Academic Publishing. They're smart and very very fast; they give you with great professionality everything you need to edit and publish your book. It was a very good experience, I hope to work with them again in the future. 

Alessandro Perrone, author of the book: 

 The Producer/ Director's Apocalypse in Cinema History


 Voici  donc  MEDITECOOLHEURE,  La  merveilleuse  approche méditative  en  couleurs,  à  votre  disposition.  Je  remercie sincèrement  mon  éditrice,  Madame  Irène  Arser  pour son amabilité,  son  appréciation  et  sa  réactivité  dans cette heureuse  collaboration.  Merci  aux  Editions  Vie de s’intéresser  à   tout  ce  qui  œuvre  à  se  sentir  bien  et  qui contribuent  à  leur  large  diffusion.  

Elisabetta Piermé Boï, l'auteur du livre:

 MEDITECOOLHEURE La merveilleuse approche méditative en couleurs !

  I thank Lambert Academic Publishing for giving me such a great opportunity to publish my fifth book with them. I am really so grateful 

Masahiro Yagisawa, author of the book:

 Fully Homomorphic Public-Key Encryption with Three Ciphertexts

 Ayant publié des articles et participé à des colloques de climatologie organisés par l'Association Internationale de Climatologie, les Editions universitaires Européennes m'ont sollicité pour publier un ouvrage sur les changements climatiques en cours (basés sur l'observation du temps et les relevés météo à Aire sur l'Adour,  SW de la France). J'ai accepté sans réserve, les EUE m'ont apporté tout le soutien technique possible et j'ai bénéficié d'échanges particulièrement aimable avec les EUE. Ce fut un moment d'échanges fructueux qui m'ont permis de publier une synthèse de mes travaux. Merci encore pour votre compréhension et votre patience. L'impression est de bonne qualité et je suis très sastisfait du résultat.  J'envisage d'autre publications. 

Fernand Avila, l'auteur du livre:

 "Mutations du climat à Aire sur l'Adour" 

  J’ai été très positivement surpris par la rapidité, la simplicité et l’efficacité de la réalisation du livre et de sa mise sur le net. Je l’ai vu apparaître rapidement sur plusieurs sites de présentation. 

Piétro Mariani, l 'auteur du livre:

 "La petite chose tombée du ciel"

 I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who saw me through this book; to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, allowed me to quote their remarks and assisted in the editing, proofreading and design.

I would like to thank mypublisher Akademiker Verlag for enabling me to publish this book, especially my personal editor Evghenia Tulbure for helping me in the process of publication. Thanks to all staff of Akademiker Verlag my who encouraged me to publish these books! 

Dr. Mohammed Alshakka, author of the books:

 Adverse Drug Reactions Reporting by Consumers in Penang-Malaysia
 Pharmaceutical Sector in Yemen

  In the present time, many publishers do not care about authors or readers, but rather care about themselves. Finding a good publisher that respects authors and readers has become very difficult. Therefore, making a decision about publishing your own ideas and express creativity is not very easy. 

On my journey to publishing a book, I explored many big or small publishing houses. I read their terms and author rights, how publishers care about the creative idea, asked my teachers and fellows about those favorable and unfavorable publishers, and the result of my search ended on publishing with Lambert Academic Publishing for the following reasons:

• Many authors, teachers and fellows advise me to publish with them.

• They care about the author and keep his rights, because I do not want to publish with a big publisher who takes my rights and oppresses me.

• The publishing process is very quick and easy.

• Lambert Academic Publishing replied to all my questions without ignoring, and answered them completely.

• I appreciate Lambert Academic Publishing for contacting researchers (by the way, I am not one of them) to allow them to publish their creative works, and then to share them with audience. I thank them for that step the most, because no one born an author, it’s just the matter of experience.

• Lastly, I have many ideas in my mind and I will definitely publish them with Lambert Academic Publishing. 

Dr. Diab Ibraheem Diab Al Awar, author of the book:

 The book "The Logic and Psychology Lead to The Existence of God" is available on MoreBooks!

  Everything is in time. No delay. I got the fast response for my queries. Smooth publication policy. Hope this cooperation will continue. 

Pavan Kumar Illa, author of the book:

 Building Scalable Architectures For Web Applications in Cloud

 It is a privilege for me to have my book published from a top notch publisher. Your publishing company provides a platform for writers to write freely without worrying about the cost of publication. You give confidence to writers to give their emotions a sound, which enthrals in the far and free spaces of world. 

Jawad Ahmed Malik, author of the book:

 Educating Land of Terrorist, defusing Terror mindset, A war on education

 I thank Lambert Academic Publishing for giving me such a great opportunity to publish my first book!

Lambert Academic Publishing team was very kind and cooperative. They have given to me a good experience in publishing.

I have tightly worked in my research for several years. Philosophy refers to your ability of thinking and imagination. So philosophy includes Science but it should be ruled by logic. Scientist who will have discovered the theory of every thing should be aware of everything such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Theory of everything is the theory that fully explains everything. This theory should give reasons for any unsolved problems in science. In another ward, it should give reasons of everything. It is called the master theory.

I studied pharmaceutical science then I spent several years in researching and thinking in many disciplines such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology for one reason; to find that theory, which explains everything. I think that I have already discovered the theory of everything, which explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. I have gotten some applications of my theory in three vital things such as water, food and medications. By my theory, I have solved all the problems of physics in a very logical manner. I believe that my book will make a change in science. And I am ready to discuss my theory with anyone.

Dr. Ahmed Soltan, auhtor of the book:

 The Infinity of Science and Theory of Everything

 I am so happy that my first book was published by such famous company as OmniScriptum. During this time I felt that I hade been working with professional team. Paying attention to my book I appreciated as paying attention to my nation. I am very thankful and gratitude to you. Hope we will continue our cooperation.  

Vafa Abdullayeva-Nabiyeva , author of the book:

 Development of terminological vocabulary in Azerbaijani language: Based on modern literature of terminology

I was really pleased about receiving an inquiry for my manuscript by Trainerverlag. Here I got the chance to publish my master thesis without any costs. From the inquiry until the publication I had always the same contact person – my requests were always in best hands. I appreciated especially the fast responses to my enquiries. In case of any future publication I will surely work together with Trainerverlag again!

Reinhold Habermann, author of the book:
Befähigend leiten – Kann mit dem Managementmodell von Malik Gemeinde nach Epheser 4,11-16 gebaut werden?

Thank you very much for the great collaboration regarding the preparation of my book. I would never have managed many of the difficulties without the professional guidance of my editor Ms. Fischer.

Gerhard Minsel, author of the book:
Kleingärtner - Ein Hobby mit Nutzen. Dein Einstieg zum erfolgreichen Gärtnern

Thank you to Verlag Lebensreise which provided an incredible support in this endeavor. A big thank you goes to Franziska Berger who was on my side during the entire project and thanks also to my co-author Carolin von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff.

Martin Cunow, author of the book:
Mein unglaubliches Leben mit der Diagnose KREBS

Yesterday I got my first printed copy and I'm really excited about it. It turned out really beautiful. At this point I would like to thank you for this efficient collaboration and your excellent assistance during the realization of my book project. For me a dream just came true.

Lars-Eric Strenske, author of the book:
Demografische Alterung als personalstrategische Herausforderung.

I just received my doctoral thesis as a printed book and I'm totally thrilled. A simple but very appealing cover layout. The rest looks extremely professional as well. I felt myself in good hands and received a personal reply in no time. The complete process and all stages of the production were transparent for me since I was kept informed via email at all times. Thanks a lot! I gladly recommend your publishing house to all of my collegues without any reservations.

Melanie Michele, Dr. rer. nat., author of the book:
Tenascin-C-abhängige Signaltransduktion in Hippocampalen Neuronen. Eine "in vitro"-Studie

Thank you very much for this good news and perfect collaboration. Thank you also for your patience and replies to my numerous questions, including the technical help as well. It was a great pleasure and fun working with you :) Thank you very much indeed!

Ioana Hermine Fierbinteanu, author of the book:
Vergleichende Textsortenanalyse deutscher und rumänischer Witze 

The collaboration was straightforward and I learned a lot out of it. There might be a continuation with a new book project. Best regards.

Dr. med. Detlef Nachtigall, author of the book:
Wirksam oder unwirksam?

I would like to thank you again for your assistance and your patience in regards to my clumsiness towards computers. I will surely recommend Akademikerverlag again.

Prof. Dr. em. Klaus K. Klostermaier, author of the book:
Der moderne Hinduismus und die soziale Neuordnung Indiens 

In this way I would like to say thank you for your kind support. Though I have really pestered you with requests all the time I always received your prompt and friendly feedback. It is a great feeling to have one's own book in hands and I feel really happy about it.

Beatrix Feind, author of the book:
Feindbild Unterleib – Eileiter sind auch nur Schläuche

The day I received an email by Trainerverlag - offering the chance to publish my book - I was elated and sceptical at the same time. The whole process – completely online without any personal contact – was at that time completely alien to me as well as the idea of „Open-Content“. The collaboration with Trainerverlag turned out to be completly trouble-free, questions have been answered directly and agreements have been reliably complied with. I find it terrific that I can still make my own work available as download file, so that young and interested people still have free access to expert knowledge.

Carmen Maria Poller, author of the book:
Mull im Glück – Motiviert und selbstbewusst ins Leben starten