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OmniScriptum Publishing Group

OmniScriptum Publishing GroupOmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG is a publishing company of OmniScriptum Publishing Group.

OmniScriptum company has gathered a wide range of publishers, imprints and markets under its roof. Similarly, It is like a house with many rooms - from a functional kitchen to a living room, play room, bedroom, and even an extravagant salon, everything is there. The same is with our publishers - being close to each other, every one has its own place and mission. All authors are welcome to our versatile house, where we have successfully cooperating with people from different cultures, continents and religious orientation. Anyone who joins and publishes with OmniScriptum enjoys its diverse environment. We are glad to welcome everyone who would like to contribute and exchange his knowledge and ideas.


Management (In alphabetical order)

I work for OmniScriptum ...

  • Dominik Berdin - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

... because there are always new interesting changes.  

After successful graduation as an IT specialist in system integration I could develop myself further in this company. I have been growing together with the company and participating actively in it's development processes. I am glad to continue working for the success of our publishing group and contribute to its further growth.


  • Taoufiq El Hajji - Head of Business Development, Arabic countries
    Taoufiq El Hajji - Head of Business Development, Arabic countries

...because Visionary Thinking is a synonym for OmniScriptum. 

After receiving Master’s Degree in Finance and Management from the French business school (ESC) in Paris, I subsequently moved on to a number of positions in the M&A, financial consulting and fund management spheres.

Working on business development in OmniScriptum with the aim to open a new Arabic and Persian publishing branch is the most interesting and challenging position I have ever had in my career. Visionary Thinking enables OmniScriptum to be ahead of the curve. We always aim to expand our knowledge base to aid our understanding of the forces changing our world. In doing so, we can anticipate potential obstacles and to aid our authors with a useful position and response in the future.

  • Reezwan Ghanty - Head of Business Development, Asia & Africa and Manager of NicerBooks, Malaysia

… because I enjoy being in an innovative and fast-paced environment. 

Omniscriptum provides the proper support to every employee so we can unfold 100% of our potential. I joined the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2009, I have accumulated several responsibilities in the marketing, business development and management field. Being passionate about IT, marketing and innovation, I am able to participate fully in the development of the group. We use the perfect blend of these factors on a daily basis to provide an outstanding experience to all our stakeholders.

  • Ieva Konstantinova - Manager of BetterBooks, Latvia

... because I can grow and develop myself together with the company. 

Since I started to work with the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2010, I have been working in different departments – acquisition, project development and now I am in management – which means new opportunities and challenges for me. In such an international and always developing company, where new and innovative ideas are always welcome, you have the possibility to change and develop together with the group. That is what differs us from others and one of the biggest motivations.

  • Marta Lusena - Director

... because OmniScriptum is a journey in a border-less world. 

I started to work with OmniScriptum around the same time when finishing my Master’s degree in Oriental studies, with the focus on Chinese language and diplomacy. Little did I know at that time that just a few years later working with OmniScriptum will actually bring me to China where the publishing group is setting its new goals. But it did. With OmniScriptum I have been able to work on business development, contract negotiations, branch openings and company setups. My second Master’s degree in Private International Law has helped me to reach across borders with the company. Now, having travelled from Beijing to Bogota, from Kuala Lumpur to Montevideo, I can testify that OmniScriptum is among the most diverse and far-reaching publishing companies on the planet. No matter how far or unknown the journey seems, we will always welcome it.

  • María Alejandra Modarelli - Manager of NicerBooks, Uruguay
    María Alejandra Modarelli - Manager of NicerBooks, Uruguay

...because it's an open minded company that helps me to grow not only professionally, but also personally.     

I started working at OmniScriptum as soon as I moved from Argentina to Uruguay, and I can say that I was very lucky. 

This is a multicultural company, where one big team shares their ideas and supports each other in order to constantly achieve new goals and improve company's operations. I appreciate the opportunity of growth we all have and the possibility to generate new ideas, which allow us to express our creativity and feel confidence and strength while making things better on a daily basis. Company's fresh and magical environment is obtained through our positive thinking, and that is the most certain way to work and move forward in life.

  • Dr. Wolfgang Philipp Müller - Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

... because I founded it.  

In a word being an entrepreneur in my sense means: A life sentence. But I mean it in the exact opposite way – that is to say, being able to decide freely all lifelong and thereby bringing my entrepreneurial ideas to life. That began in my youthful years with the foundation of my very first company and is set to accompany me through to old age. As it happens, I’m anything but a typical publisher who is utterly fond of his published titles. Books, for me, are simply products that generate a great deal of enthusiasm and which can be marketed in every possible place. So came our international book business to light a few years ago – certainly not always very conformist, but always a nose length ahead of others. My fellow German from the self-declared land of poets, philosophers and books often found it hard to understand, but never did that obstruct the momentum of my entrepreneurship.

  • Benoit Novel - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

… because shaping breakthroughs is thrilling.  

After a journey through a well-established multinational enterprise in the BPO sector, I joined the OmniScriptum Publishing Group back in 2006, for which I managed its Mauritian satellite for over 4 years. I left my tiny homeland in 2011 and headed to Germany to lead the publishing house’s international team. Enhancing our authors’ publishing experience through innovative and intuitive processes is an incredible source of fun for me.

  • Liviu Oboroc - Manager of MoreBooks, Moldova

... because here we can touch the future of publishing business.  

I joined OmniScriptum in 2009 with the aim to face challenges on the way to becoming one of the biggest publishing house in the world. Our team that consists of ambitious people coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world made this goal to come true. To be successful in this business you have to be different - think and act different from others. Today OmniScriptum stays ahead of competitors as it never stops innovating. We could proudly say we are the future of publishing business.

  • Ina Puga - Manager of MoreBooks, Moldova

... because it offers me personal and professional development.  

Always dynamic, the company is always changing, and tends to improve the provided services . What I appreciate is that everybody does his job , and make every effort to achieve proposed goals. On the way to be better, the company is open to any ideas.

  • Marc Wegmann - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

... because I think that every author who wants to publish his book should be treated equally. OmniScriptum stands for the freedom of publication and its variety, that's why I love to be here!  

During my studies of Japanology and Anglistics I discovered my fondness for international literature and also worked for web- and graphic design on the side. The combination of all this led to my actual position: I'm responsible for the smooth communication with our printing partners and distributors and take care of the quality assurance of the print data. Equally important is the coordination of our IT department. As a publishing house with a strong focus on IT solutions, it will always be a very exciting task!

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