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Clash of the Lordship of Treasury

Clash of the Lordship of Treasury is a play that uses the techniques of both realistic and imaginary devices to showcase the profound relationship between humans and the underworld. It encompass the myth and legend of men with the underworld saga.It also reveals the rivalry for treasure and dominion over the realistic and imaginary world of men and underworld which are both allegorically represented by the humans and the rebels respectively.

About the Author

Olayinka Kehinde Olaleye

He was born in Lagos and as a young child he started his primary education at Onitolo Primary School, Western Avenue, Lagos. He attended Community Grammar School, Kudeti, Ibadan and Ago-Egba High School, Ebute-Metta, Lagos for his secondary education. He attended the University of Lagos where he took his unfinished degree in Building Science, and where he had already begun to write works of art, especially poems, novels and plays. He studies English at the University of Ibadan at the present time. In 2012, after deciding to pursue a literary career, he self-published his first play which is titled “The Comedy of Ijimere, President of Niger Area or The Electioneering”. He is well known as much for his writing qualities as for his entrepreneurial skills. The transaction of business of preparing and printing books, and selling or making them available to the public via the internet, like Google and Amazon has employed him to take financial risks which have led him to become an entrepreneur.
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