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Fast and Efficient

Our authors confirm the terms & conditions online, then upload their manuscript in their personal author account, choose their book cover and release the book data for printing.

Worldwide and Specific Sales

Your audience is made aware of your book purposefully. We supply all the relevant book catalogues worldwide. Also, your book is offered to all leading international book distributors.

Market Oriented

At your request we will be pleased to support you on several marketing campaigns, for example by publishing announcements on social media networks or by providing you with banners and posters, which you can use to promote your book in a professional manner.


What's New?

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⚫ Our Black Week Campaign is still ongoing. Don't miss this opportunity, the offer is valid till 28th of November ❗ Use the code BF21 for a 50% discount on 🟠 #BlackWeek #BlackFriday2021 ... See MoreSee Less

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Free-of-Charge Publication

Our authors can enjoy a 100% free-of-charge publication of their manuscript.

Trend-setting print technology

We use eco-friendly and market needs oriented distribution methods.

Fast, cost efficient and meeting the demands. Benefit from the innovative print to order technology!

Dedicated Support

Throughout the whole publishing process, a dedicated consultant remains at our authors’ service for assistance.

Fair book pricing strategy

Our authors are offered a unique and optional opportunity to influence the book’s selling price on the market before the book’s release.

OmniScriptum Loves its Authors!

With over 300,000 titles out on the market, more than 250,000 authors worldwide are part of the OmniFamily.
OmniScriptum cares. We go to the farthest reaches of the planet to acquire and spread knowledge, unbounded.
We are in close contact with our authors to cater their needs, to help them on their way to publish and market their book. 

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Author's Reward

Publishing a book with us is special, and a personal achievement for every single one. It’s a reward for every author!

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We go the extra Mile

When authors need our personal support and presence, we go there. Like here, where we went to assist a book launch of our author, His Excellency Elwis Mutiri wa Bashara. in the DR Congo.

Watch the book launching ceremony here

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There to Help

You call, we come. Discussing marketing strategies or launch campaigns, OmniScriptum will gladly heed your call. 

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Talking about Reach

Marketing ist not only about selling the book in a store. It’s building a reputation, it’s making a book known. Like here to Pope Benedict XVI. Yes, that’s one of our books! Find it here.

Your Book, Worldwide!

We are cooperating with worldwide operating distributors Amazon and Lightning Source as well as with local distributors in already 40 countries as of yet. Our well developed distribution network guarantees a continuous and worldwide marketing of your book.

Morebooks - Our Affiliate Shop

The OmniScriptum group has its own affiliate Shop. Through MoreBooks!, our authors and our distributors can benefit from special discounts, offers and shipping options all across the globe. MoreBooks! has no borders, we deliver worldwide!

We have many more distributors worldwide.
Click here to see the complete list of distributors.

Our Brands

OmniScriptum covers a vast range of brands, giving authors the opportunity to publish their work throughout a wide selection of genres and languages – worldwide, free of charge.

Whether you are a graduate, a fiction author or a blogger – any author can find the right publisher with OmniScriptum.

browse through our brands

Just scroll down or choose a publishing field below

Academic Publishing


The Akademikerverlag‘s publishing program focuses on academical works accredited by German, Austrian and Swiss universities.


The publisher Editorial Académica Española showcases exclusively academic works (such as Master theses) written by Spanish-speaking authors.


Edizioni Accademiche Italiane publishes scientific works such as Bachelor and Master theses written by Italian authors.


Éditions universitaires européennes publishes scientific works and treatises in French language.


GlobeEdit provides high-quality academic publishing from all across the globe, with all the advantages of an intercontinental company in marketing, production and distribution. GlobeEdit publishes academic works in a multitude of languages.


Golden Light Academic Publishing publishes Bachelor and Master theses, dissertations, postdoctoral theses and research treatises authored in Chinese language.

English, Russian

Lambert Academic Publishing specializes in the publication of theses, dissertations and habilitation treatises endorsed by universities from all over the world. Its titles are in English and Russian language.


The Lehrbuchverlag is lecturers’ and professors’ publisher for textbooks and educational material. The language of publication is German.


Novas Edições Acadêmicas is our publisher for scientific works written in Portuguese. Its books are not only interesting for Portugal, but also for the South American market.

Arabic, French, English

Noor Publishing provides high-quality academic publishing in Arabic countries. Noor publishes academic works in Arabic, French and English languages.


The Presses Académiques Francophones‘ catalog consists of doctoral theses, dissertations and research projects produced by universities of the Francophone community.


Palmarium Academic Publishing‘s portfolio targets doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations brought forth by Russia’s and post-Soviet states’ universities.


Editorial PUBLICIA‘s book catalog presents doctoral dissertations, habilitation treatises and scientific researches in Spanish language.


The publisher Scholars’ Press is entirely dedicated to the publication of dissertations, habilitation treatises, research projects and proceedings written in English.

German, English

Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften publishes dissertations, postdoctoral theses and research treatises authored in German.


The Saarbrücker Verlag für Rechtswissenschaften‘s catalog features dissertations, habilitation treatises, commentaries, celebratory writings, textbooks, research projects as well as jurisprudential proceedings written in German language.


Academic treatises written in Polish are targeted by Wydawnictwo Bezkresy Wiedzy.

Fiction and Novel


Éditions Muse publishes short stories, novels, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and other literary genres in French.


Novels and short stories authored by young authors are turned into books at JustFiction. Everyone, including unknown authors get a chance to publish their manuscripts.


Goldene Rakete is designed for German-speaking young and young at heart authors. The publishing program offers free publication of light fiction, such as fantasy, science fiction, novels, thrillers along with others.


YAM Publishing releases novels and short stories and other genres of fiction in Russian language.

French, Arabic

Shams publishing is focused on novels, short stories and poetry in French and Arabic language.

Special Interest

Novel Publishing Concepts

German, English, French, Spanish, Russian

With Bloggingbooks, events and information, that are presented in a chronological order on the internet, get a new dimension. We believe that blogs deserve being published! Bloggingbooks‘ portfolio features books in German, English, French and Russian.


Gear Up Publishing is the English publisher for those who made preparedness a way of life, to share their experiences, skills and knowledge, to those in need. And for people looking for ideas for their own survival of apocalyptic or disruptive world event, our publishing house is the right place to be.

Family and Child Reading


Verlag Familienbande publishes a variety of books to coach young parents about upbringing and educating their children.


The Russian publisher Roditelskie Vstrechi dedicates its publishing services to family-life subjects, written by parents, for parents.

Nature, Wellbeing, Way of Life


Verlag Natur & Leben publishes books about country-life and nature for a German-speaking audience. Whether it be about recipes, gardening or decoration tips; advocates of the traditional lifestyle will find here the right publishing platform.


Francophone wellness enthusiats appreciate Éditions Vie‘s catalog which revolves around fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Lived History


Many life stories are worth being told. Verlag Lebensreise‘s speciality is to give to exciting biographies a new life between two book covers.

German, English, Hebrew

Hakodesh Press publishes manuscripts dealing with Jewish culture in Israel and in the Diaspora. We are interested in modern and historically oriented manuscripts, blog entries, and scientific works, personal reports as well as religious texts and sermons.


Just a Life is our brand to display personal and regional lived history in Russian language.

Politics and Current Events

Russian, English, French, Spanish, German

Democratic ideals are given a louder voice thanks to Dictus Publishing which publishes various political manuscripts in English, French, Spanish and Russian.


Hispanophone journalists can revive yet unpublished manuscripts with Editorial Redactum.

Coaching and Training


Trainerverlag serves the German market with manuscripts specialized in coaching, guidance, training and mentoring.


Drugoe Reshenie is the brand for guidance and training in Russian language.

Religious Writing

Arabic, French

Al-ilm’s aim is to help spread information and knowledge about Islam by publishing the writings of islamic scholars and ulemas in book form internationally.

English, Hungarian

Blessed Hope Publishing dedicates its publishing services to manuscripts written on Christianity by anglophone and hungarophone priests, pastors, reverends, apostles, evangelists and missionaries.


Credo Ediciones brings forth Spanish books exploring the Christian theology.


Éditions Croix du Salut promotes the Christian faith in francophone countries by publishing books written on a wide range of classical and contemporary issues in theology.


Edizioni Sant’Antonio targets an Italian-speaking audience seeking to deepen its comprehension of the Christian faith.


Fromm Verlag is consecrated for the publication of writings revolving around religion, spirituality, theology and life coaching. The Christian faith is the essence of its devotion and published titles.


Sanktum Publishing fosters the understanding of the Christian faith by publishing sermons, prayers, and religious essays in Russian language.

OmniScriptum - Diversity and Innovation

Dr. Wolfgang P. Müller

When VDM publishing house was launched by Dr. Philipp W. Müller in 2002 (2013 relaunched as “OmniScriptum”), he realized his vision of a innovative, unconventional publishing concept: in contrast to the restrictive, time-consuming and cost-intensive functioning of conventional publishing houses, his goal was to bring books efficient, fast, straightforward and particularly free of charge for authors on the market.

The innovative procedure of Print-to-Order (PTO) brought many ideal technical requirements and was the perfect basis for OMS’s business model. This new business model was at the time revolutionary in the mostly conservative publishing landscape and was therefore critically recognized. In fact many competitors were sceptical towards the “mechanization” of the book as a cultural asset. The advantage of the most efficient, competitive and environmental friendly production of books was recognized soon. Today “Print to Order” is widely established and contributes considerably to the democratization of the bookmarket.

Hundreds of thousands of academic works are written each year – works of high quality and invaluable scientific value. An unimaginable treasure of academic knowledge which often is not yielded. The same applies for non-fictional and belletristic books. Only one of a thousand books are selected by “classical” publishing houses for their publishing program.

Additionally self publication is expensive and risky – without the professional assistance and a solid distribution network of a publishing house, many works disappear in the highly-competitive market. Authors therefore often end up being saddled with the costs.

Many of these publications are not recognised by potential readers at all. A big loss for so many talented authors, readers and the complete literary cultural scene. 

OmniScriptum wants to compete against this drawback: thanks to the efficient, economic PTO-practice we can offer a completely free of charge publication service. Our authors receive a professional guidance without any financial risk. Not only technicalwise we bank on innovative ideas.

Since 2005 our publishing program was continuously expanded and internationalized – with the focus not only on academic works but also on a wider range of other successful and exciting imprints.One by one new offices were launched in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia to publish books in German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Chinese, and Scandinavian languages. Since mid 2016 titles in Arabic language can be found in the publishing program of OmniScriptum, too. Other languages will follow soon.

Meanwhile our publishing group incorporates more than 45 imprints. A staff of more than 200 motivated employees enable authors from all over the world to publish their books completely free of charge in different genres and languages. The internationalisation – particularly in the growing Asian and African market – as well as the further thematic diversification of the Publishing Group will be continued consequently.

Today OmniScriptum is:

  • a growing and dynamic business
  • groundbreaking, fast and multi-faceted
  • globally operating
  • motivated creative team
  • and an excellent and personal full-service

Innovation needs courage – that is why we keep on breaking new grounds in the future!

Come Join us!

Meet the Management

OmniScriptum company has gathered a wide range of publishers, imprints and markets under its roof. Similarly, It is like a house with many rooms – from a functional kitchen to a living room, play room, bedroom, and even an extravagant salon, everything is there. The same with our brands – being close to each other, every one has its own place and mission. All authors are welcome to our house, where we have a successful cooperation with people from different cultures, continents and religious orientation. We are glad to welcome everyone who would like to contribute and exchange his knowledge and ideas.

"I work for OmniScriptum...

Dr. Wolfgang Philipp Mueller 2 - Welcome

Dr. Philipp W. Müller, CEO

... because I founded it."

In a word being an entrepreneur in my sense means: A life sentence. But I mean it in the exact opposite way – that is to say, being able to decide freely all lifelong and thereby bringing my entrepreneurial ideas to life. That began in my youthful years with the foundation of my very first company and is set to accompany me through to old age. As it happens, I’m anything but a typical publisher who is utterly fond of his published titles. Books, for me, are simply products that generate a great deal of enthusiasm and which can be marketed in every possible place. So came our international book business to light a few years ago – certainly not always very conformist, but always a nose length ahead of others. My fellow German from the self-declared land of poets, philosophers and books often found it hard to understand, but never did that obstruct the momentum of my entrepreneurship.

aurora jian 2 - Welcome

Aurora Jian,
Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

... because the world is bigger with OmniScriptum"

Once you get inside, OmniScriptum opens not just its doors, but also its soul. I have discovered new visions, different market approaches, opportunities… OmniScriptum is more than just a job, it’s family. Here I met authors from different cultures and dove into the markets specifics.

Phil Collins said: “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” OmniScriptum is the key factor of widening my horizon by participating to the training process.

Ieva Konstantinova 2 - Welcome

Ieva Konstantinova,

... because I can grow and develop myself together with the company."

I started to work in OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2010, and since that time I have tried myself in different departments – acquisition, project development, and now I am in the management. The job of Brand Manager in such an international and always developing company offered me many new opportunities and challenges. Here we always welcome new and innovative ideas, which give me possibility to change and develop together with the group. That is what differs us from others. That is the biggest motivation for me.

Christian Lallemand 2 - Welcome

Christian Lallemand,
Chief Software Architect (CSA)

... because I love to build software."

Back in 2010 I was looking for a new challenge, and I found many of them at OmniScriptum. First I was hired as a developer to build a shop system. But after a few months, I got the chance to be the new chief developer, and I accepted this chance with gratitude. With my new job, I was not only responsible to contribute to the shop system, I had to find ways to realize all the software-based thoughts of our managers and editors. We’ve created a whole infrastructure around the publishing business to help our employees to find new authors, create, distribute and sell the products of OmniScriptum. I really love what we do and be part of the OmniFamily. I’m curious what the future will bring especially regarding new ideas popping up every day around the world. The company never sleeps.

gdrummond - Welcome

Giulia Drummond,
Regional Manager, Brazil

... because it is a forever innovating company."

Our goal is to democratize publishing and to do so in creative, convenient and practical way. We are not limited by fixed procedures, as we are always thinking of ways to make our authors experience the best!

Taoufiq El Hajji 2 - Welcome

Taoufiq El Hajji,
Head of Business Development, Arabic countries

... because Visionary Thinking is a synonym for OmniScriptum."

After receiving Master’s Degree in Finance and Management from the French business school (ESC) in Paris, I subsequently moved on to a number of positions in the M&A, financial consulting and fund management spheres.

Working on business development in OmniScriptum with the aim to open a new Arabic and Persian publishing branch is the most interesting and challenging position I have ever had in my career. Visionary Thinking enables OmniScriptum to be ahead of the curve. We always aim to expand our knowledge base to aid our understanding of the forces changing our world. In doing so, we can anticipate potential obstacles and to aid our authors with a useful position and response in the future.

Charlotte Mueller 2 - Welcome

Charlotte Müller,
Business Development

... it is my family's business."

OmniFamily is the word that describes the culture of our company best. Being raised with OmniScriptum it is my pleasure to make all of my colleagues feel welcome and home in our company.

Every time I travel to our different offices the variety of cultures and people is overwhelming. Discovering new habits, languages, arts, food and business cultures is amazing and leads to my personal conclusion that this world is so great because of its diversity.

OmniScriptum stands for diversity and I am proud to be a part of OmniFamily.

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