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OmniScriptum Publishing GroupOmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG is a publishing company of OmniScriptum Publishing Group.

As members of this group, the service companies MoreBooks! Publishing GmbH, BetterBooks! Publishing GmbH, NicerBooks! Publishing GmbH, and the international online book stores and offer outstanding service for authors and readers.

The excellent infrastructure of OmniScriptum Publishing Group and their world wide locations guarantees smooth and efficient processes. For a path-breaking publishing industry at the highest level.


The OmniScriptum Management

I work for OmniScriptum ...

  • Dr. Katrin Martin - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Dr. Katrin Martin - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

... because we can change a lot.

Having completed my master's degree in history, history of art and German philology, I decided to move forward in doing research for my doctoral degree. Subject of my work was the Franco-german border region. During my research I traveled across Germany and France and worked as a scientific officer on the side. Soon I came to the decision to work more creatively in the future, so I joined the OmniScriptum Publishing Group while I was finishing my doctoral thesis. I have worked in several departments and have been working with our business development department for the last three years. For a historian to be actively involved in the development planning of your business is a great challenge - and it is indeed a great pleasure, too.

  • Benoit Novel - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    Benoit Novel - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

… because shaping breakthroughs is thrilling.

After a journey through a well-established multinational enterprise in the BPO sector, I joined the OmniScriptum Publishing Group back in 2006, for which I managed its Mauritian satellite for over 4 years. I left my tiny homeland in 2011 and headed to Germany to lead the publishing house’s international team. Enhancing our authors’ publishing experience through innovative and intuitive processes is an incredible source of fun for me.

  • Inka Monz - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Inka Monz - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

... because we never stop moving forward.

After finishing my studies in political science I became interested in the work of a publishing house and started with an internship at the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2007. I made the move from Munich to Saarbrücken particularly for this job and finally decided to stay. I was quick on the uptake that working in a „special“ publishing house like this would be a great pleasure. My first in-house experience was that of an editor. Soon after I was working as a teamleader and started the location planning for our teams abroad. I am working for the business development department since 2011 – and this is a very fascinating and complex task!

  • Bernd Hemmerling - Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
    Bernd Hemmerling - Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

... because I can actively engage in its globalisation.

As a Graduate of Business Administration, I studied „Accounting-Tax-Finance“ from scratch within the framework of my activity in the field of consulting. Based on this longstanding, extensive experience and having held key positions in European businesses, I am glad to support OmniScriptum, as part of the OmniScriptum Publishing Group, in its ongoing international growth process - a professionally challenging and assuredly delightful task.

  • Marc Wegmann- Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Marc Wegmann- Chief Information Officer (CIO)

... because I think that every author who wants to publish his book should be treated equally. OmniScriptum stands for the freedom of publication and its variety, that's why I love to be here!

During my studies of Japanology and Anglistics I discovered my fondness for international literature and also worked for web- and graphic design on the side. The combination of all this led to my actual position: I'm responsible for the smooth communication with our printing partners and distributors and take care of the quality assurance of the print data. Equally important is the coordination of our IT department. As a publishing house with a strong focus on IT solutions, it will always be a very exciting task!

  • Reezwan Ghanty - Head of Business Development

… because I enjoy being in an innovative and fast-paced environment.

Omniscriptum provides the proper support to every employee so we can unfold 100% of our potential. I joined the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2009, I have accumulated several responsibilities in the marketing, business development and management field. Being passionate about IT, marketing and innovation, I am able to participate fully in the development of the group. We use the perfect blend of these factors on a daily basis to provide an outstanding experience to all our stakeholders.

Reezwan Ghanty - Head of Business Development (Asia & Africa) and Brand Manager NicerBooks! (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  • Laurent Ribet - Brand Manager (Mauritius)

... because we innovate without fear.

I joined the Mauritian site of the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2008 fresh from completing my studies and the only thing that never changed since then is change. I feel humbled to have been able to participate in the exponential growth that the group experienced through the years. Starting it’s operation with a bold and innovative approach to publishing based on recognising the unique value of diversity and supporting equality among authors, we witness on a daily basis the wealth that this diversity brings to the publishing world. By recognising the value of it’s staff, supporting our career development, and rewarding us for great work, OmniScriptum gave to us the perfect platform to push our limits, develop ourselves and grow within the group. 

Laurent Ribet - Brand Manager (Mauritius)

  • Ina Bordeianu - Manager of MoreBooks! Marketing S.R.L (Moldova)

... because it offers me personal and professional development.

Always dynamic, the company is always changing, and tends to improve the provided services . What I appreciate is that everybody does his job , and make every effort to achieve proposed goals. On the way to be better, the company is open to any ideas.

Ina Puga - Brand Manager MoreBooks! (Balti, Moldova)

  • Vitalie Rotaru - Brand Manager MoreBooks! (Chisinau, Moldova)

... because it is a quickly developing company with an international structure and a worldwide network of partners.

Working with an international team is an unique experience, and it is a real pleasure to interact with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. Company's drive toward innovations is helping us to be one of the industry leaders and is contributing to an increasing quality of our services. With us, an author is just a few clicks distance from bringing his book to a worldwide audience getting a full no-cost assistance throughout whole publication process. The positive feedback from our authors and from the clients is the best reward for working at OmniScriptum Publishing Group.

Vitalie Rotaru - Brand Manager MoreBooks! (Chisinau, Moldova)

  • Janis Buls - Brand Manager BetterBooks! (Riga, Latvia)

... because I believe in the value of books and the classical way of people educating themselves.

I have been working with the group since 2010. High standards of author services and obstacle-free cooperation have always been my targets, as well as working together closely to publish books the way our authors and the public want. I believe that with the work that we are doing we give people the chance to do things that might have been too complicated and impossible to achieve before. Perhaps to some this is only the very first step towards further advancement in the publishing sector. Only by working closely together, books will survive forever.

Janis Buls - Brand Manager NicerBooks! (Montevideo, Uruguay)

  • Ieva Konstantinova - Brand Manager BetterBooks! (Riga, Latvia)

... because I can grow and develop myself together with the company.

Since I started to work with the OmniScriptum Publishing Group in 2010, I have been working in different departments – acquisition, project development and now I am in management – which means new opportunities and challenges for me. In such an international and always developing company, where new and innovative ideas are always welcome, you have the possibility to change and develop together with the group. That is what differs us from others and one of the biggest motivations.

Ieva Konstantinova - Brand Manager BetterBooks! (Riga, Latvia)